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"The Office" Recap: Episode 23, "Beach Games"

"The Office" Recap: Episode 23, "Beach Games"

How great was this week's episode of "The Office"? Michael brings everyone to the beach and makes them take part in games to determine who would succeed him at the Scranton branch if he were to get a job at corporate. Most of all, though, how awesome is Pam's moment of honesty at the end?! I love this show. Check out my highlights below.

  • Michael: "To what do I owe this great honor David Wallace... and Grommit?"
    An audible sigh.
    Michael: "Jan?! Is Jan there? Oh... you sigh like Jan."
  • Many more if you

  • Meredith lifts her shirt and flashes the cameras, thinking she’s wearing a swimsuit underneath.
  • Michael asks Oscar if he brought his Speedo, since he can’t swim in leather pants, then laughs, "I'm just yanking your chain. Not literally."
  • "I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs. That’s all I’ve ever wanted." —Kevin
  • "If you don’t like it, Stanley, you can go to the back of the bus, or the front of the bus... or drive the bus." —Michael
  • Michael’s pros and cons for Andy are "I trust him" and "I don’t trust him."
  • To Dwight's excitement over "funtivities," Michael responds "Your enthusiasm is turning people off."
  • Angela: “I will misunderstand everything Andy says until he slowly goes insane.”
    Dwight: “If Michael organizes some kind of group hug, stand next to me.”
  • Creed just darts his hand in the water and catches a fish. Later, carrying the fish skeleton: "Aww... nobody told me we were going to have hot dogs."
  • "Just eat it, Phyllis. Dip it in the water so it’ll slide down your gullet more easily." —Michael
  • Dwight freaks out and hushes everyone every time "Team Voldemort" is mentioned.
  • "It’s pretty simple, Angela. Look at what I’m doing and just tell somebody it." –Andy
  • When told to be a comedian, Dwight attempts to tell the Aristocrats joke, but doesn't specify the dirty parts, which are basically the only aspect to that joke.
  • Kelly: "Who’s Bob Hope?"
    Michael: "He’s a comedian."
    Kelly: "Oh, like Amanda Bynes."
    Michael: "Who’s Amanda Bynes?"
    Kelly: "She’s from What a Girl Wants."
    Michael: "Oh, I love that movie!"
  • Pam, after declaring that she walked over the hot coals: "Michael, you couldn't even do that. Maybe I should be your boss."

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