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The Office Recap "Free Family Portrait Studio"

The Office, "Free Family Portrait Studio": Best Lines of the Night

This week is the season finale of The Office, and Dwight puts on a family portrait studio for his co-workers, but it's really to prove that he's the father of Angela's baby. Andy comes in looking absolutely crazy, but we learn that our old friend David Wallace has decided to buy Dunder-Mifflin from Sabre and give Andy his old job back. Darryl makes his affection for Val very clear to everyone — including her current boyfriend Brandon.

After Andy gets drunk at the office and begs for any work, Catherine lets him clean the carpet, but Andy really just wants to be there when David announces the changes. Before he shows up, Andy spills the beans and tells everyone he's gotten his old job back. On a more adventurous but completely unrelated note, Dwight and Angela make out, and Val makes a grand gesture to show that she's into Darryl. The season finale has a few great quotes, so keep reading for my favorite lines.

  • "He's searching out younger gays." — Dwight, on Oscar's It Gets Better video
  • "If I were Val I would break up with Brandon, then I would date the hell out of me." — Darryl, on what he'd do if he was Val
  • "Oh how the mediocre have fallen." — Gabe, on Andy's current status
  • "Is a mop the most efficient tool to use on a carpet?" — Jim, on Andy's choice
  • "Which is impossible, because the Senator is the only man I've ever been with." — Angela's rationalization to Dwight thinking he's fathered her child
  • "Oh, get out skeleton man." — Catherine, to Gabe trying to celebrate his birthday with the office
  • "Everyone's better than this, because this is the worst thing I have ever seen." — Robert California, on Andy's current situation

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