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The Office, "Goodbye Michael": Best Lines of the Night

Well, that's a wrap: Michael Scott has left the building. This week is Steve Carell's final episode of The Office, and it's touching and appropriately sentimental. It didn't make me as weepy as I thought I'd be, but I did feel a certain amount of closure, which actually may be better. In "Goodbye Michael," Michael lies to everyone about his last day to avoid the pain of the goodbye. Everyone believes they have one more day with Michael, but it's his really last day — and no one suspects anything, except for Jim, in a lovely scene between him and Michael.

Like always, I've recounted the funniest lines from the episode — with an emphasis, of course, on Michael's lines. To see what they are, just


  • "All the channels are going to be different there. I'm not going to be able to find my shows. They are not going to start improv at Level 1!" — Michael, finally freaking out about what moving is going to mean
  • "I'm not saying I'm Superman, but let me just put it this way: if I were shot in the head, I'm pretty sure everything would be fine. I'd almost welcome it." — Deangelo, on his ability to overcome anything after being obese
  • "As a person who buys a lot of erotic cakes, it just feels good to be represented on one." — Phyllis, in response to Meredith's suggestion of an erotic cake for the farewell party
  • "A little cover-up on your Adam's apple will make it look smaller, which will make you look less look a transvestite." — Michael's final advice to Gabe
  • "I wish I knew who my birth mother was, so she could just tell me who to choose." — Erin, trying to figure out if she should go back to Gabe or date Andy
  • "They say on your deathbed, you never wish you spent more time at the office. But I will. Gotta be better than a death bed." — Michael, as he's departing Dunder Mifflin

Of course, one of the best moments of the episode can't be quoted. Resigned that he's not going to get to say goodbye to Pam, Michael leaves for the airport, and he pulls off his microphone (itself a monumental event). Pam rushes up, they hug twice, and we don't hear what they say, but it doesn't matter. Like the promos promised, it's perfect. What did you think of the final Michael Scott episode? Were there any lines you loved besides these?

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shaima shaima 6 years
@Anonymous: well noticed, I just watched it again and indeed, he says something like " it's gonna feel so good getting this off my chest" takes the mic off and says "that's what she said"! haha thanks for noticing, definitely a great end for Michael. Honestly, I expected so much better but I knew it was gonna be like that just like the last seasons. They should have stopped at season 4 or 5. Anyway, I'm gonna miss Michael Scott and Steve Carell's cute face :'( I really don't see how they could move on without him...
Pistil Pistil 6 years
Any ideas as to where the show is headed now? It won't be the same without Michael Scott and I'd like to see the series end before it burns out. I'd love to see Steve Carell make an appearance in the show's last season.
millarci millarci 6 years
Although I would have loved to of heard one more "That's what she said"...
millarci millarci 6 years
I thought it was perfect. It has just enough sentiment and humor mixed in. However, I didn't like Deangelo's side plot. I'm so sad that Michael's living. I did shed some tears. I loved how Michael & Dwight had a paintball fight. The letter of recommendation he wrote for Dwight was beautiful. His last moments with Jim & Pam were very touching. Overall, it was the perfect way to finish an end of an era. We will miss you, Michael Scott.
bethany0403 bethany0403 6 years
I enjoyed it, except for the Deangelo side plot. Thank goodness he is leaving next week. His character brings nothing to the show. I loved when Dwight read his letter and the scene between Jim and Michael. The funniest part was the way Michael cracked up after giving Oscar the doll he made. That had me in stitches.
stephley stephley 6 years
I didn't like it, so much of it was forced. I agreed with Kelly - it would make me happy if you would just go away. Kind of like Psycho Gabe though.
supertramp supertramp 6 years
So sweet. I teared up a little when Dwight read his letter of recommendation. I will miss Michael Scott, indeed.
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