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The Office Recap: Great Quotes from Episode 2, The Meeting

The Office: Best Lines of the Night

For last week's premiere of The Office, I recapped some of the hilarious quips from the employees at Dunder Mifflin. They usually don't disappoint, but I've got to say I didn't find the latest episode quite as uproariously funny. Hopefully the writers are just saving their creative juices for the sure-to-be-killer Jim and Pam wedding episode. (Start the countdown — only 13 days left!) Not that there weren't a few lines sprinkled throughout the show that made me howl, and I loved the surprise at the end of the episode. Let's discuss, shall we? Here are my favorite quotes of the evening along with a few key moments. Check 'em out, and then add your own in the comments (Oh, and needless to say, there's one pretty huge spoiler in the mix).

  • "My main concern is, should I have a safe word?" — Michael
    The opening of the show was classic, excruciatingly inappropriate Michael Scott material. I couldn't believe that he went so far as to consult Oscar about his colonoscopy and what to expect . . . okay, or maybe I can believe it. It's Michael Scott.
  • For more lines and highlight moments — and the big news of the night —


  • "And that's why I'm having Andy wheel me into the conference room in a makeshift cheese cart." — Michael

    I sort of loved this bit when Michael sneaks into the secret meeting between Jim and David, using a cart as his Trojan Horse. Ridiculous. They really should've milked it a little bit more.

  • "I'm rebuilding a steam engine in my slaughterhouse."—Dwight

    First of all, how scary is it that Dwight owns a slaughterhouse? Secondly, seeing him team up with Toby to uncover Darryl's faux work accident was inspired. I like those two together, and now that Dwight's the odd man out in the work caste system — more on that if you keep reading — they should start being BFFs.

  • "Jim is like Big Bird. He is tall and yellow and very nice. But would I put him in charge . . . I don't think so. Big Bird doesn't make the tough decisions. I would put Burt in charge . . . or maybe Maria." — Michael

    Maybe I'm just a sucker for Sesame Street references, but this was my favorite quote of the evening. Period. But let me say this: I sort of hated Michael for bad-mouthing Jim, so that David wouldn't promote the poor guy. Well, that is until it ends up backfiring and Jim got a bump up the ladder anyway . . . to co-manager . . . alongside Michael. (Like I said, spoiler!) I cannot wait to see how this plays out. I mean, did you see the look on Dwight's face? Amazing.

Did I leave anything out? Please share your favorite funny lines or moments in the comments below! Meet other fans of The Office in The Office Group on BuzzSugar!

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Foxy4286 Foxy4286 7 years
Favorite Line...Jim "Michael you screwed me" Michael: "That's what she said" Jim: "No Michael"
annebreal annebreal 7 years
Well, isn't Wallace kinda a crappy boss who let Jan go noticeably psycho for some time before firing her, then hired Ryan, who was seriously in-experienced, who then committed corporate fraud or something, then re-hired him? Of course he'd listen to Michael via Toby's jealousy-fueled job performance review, which you think Jim had to know about and sign off on, and Wallace should have looked into his full history with the company anyway. That whole thing doesn't make sense, the fact that Jim probably won't make a great boss aside. Trying to think realistically about this show really doesn't work, because at the heart of it is a documentary that the characters apparently won't see until a decade or two after it's filmed, or something. Still, I liked the episode a lot, the Oscar thing had me rolling the whole time, as did Dwight and Toby outside of Darrel's house. I'll be glad once we get past the wedding and baby and everything because I don't watch the show for Jam, and that's getting kinda stale for me.
Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
yeah, I had a problem with Wallace depending so much on Michael's opinion. And when was that progress report from? Pam hasn't even been at reception for a whole season. Plus, aren't progress reports the kind of thing you look at before considering someone for a high level position?
marcied23 marcied23 7 years
yeah, but then mike wouldn't have had the opportunity to bad mouth him. overall it was a great show!! i loved this episode, esp. dwight/toby and darryl's sister jokes, it was classic dwight who is going to have a hard time with the new system.
badhabit badhabit 7 years
I thought this episode had a lot of funny lines! Dwight's interaction with/about Daryl's sister was hilarious. Andy's line about his cousin was great. My favorite was Ryan's DB quip about having had a $77 glass of cognac after Pam told him the wedding would be $75 per person. Also the tag at the end when Angela sniped at Pam because she moved her purse. I do have trouble suspending disbelief sometimes with the Jim career storyline. Wallace was going to give him jan's job at corporate a few years ago, so it makes no sense that he would take Michael's opinion of Jim seriously, or that he would have to even ask about Jim's credentials. Other than that, i love this show!
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