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The Office, "Inner Circle": Best Lines of the Night

Last week we said goodbye to Michael Scott on The Office, and this week we say goodbye to his replacement Deangelo Vickers, guest star Will Ferrell. The group is starting to adjust with Deangelo as their new boss when he starts employing some techniques that alienate some off the workers, like the establishment of an inner circle.

Everyone seems pretty eager to kiss up to him, save for Dwight, who resists Deangelo's attempts to make him like him. And just as Deangelo is earning some opposition to his possibly sexist leadership style, he's taken out of the equation physically. Ferrell's swan song contains some pretty funny lines, so to talk about the episode and go over the funniest quotes, just


  • "And if he doesn't listen, then he can kiss his penis goodbye. Snip Snip. Am I right girls?" — Andy, getting caught up in the discussion of whether Deangelo is sexist
  • "He's just a big fraud, Deangelo. He's like Rango. He doesn't work here, basically, just like the way Rango didn't save those animals, it was just a big misunderstanding." — Kelly, calling out Ryan for pretending to be her boss
  • "The man is paying me to learn Chinese. I will say what I need to say. And soon, I will say it in Chinese." — Daryl, justifying his sucking up to Deangelo because he's getting sent to night school
  • "So one afternoon while walking home from school, quirky tenth grader Becky Walters finds a wounded Pegasus in the woods and she becomes . . . The Horse Flyer!" — Pam, explaining her idea for a series of young adult novels she wants to write
  • "If I wanted to see a pissing contest, I'd lock Mose in the chicken coop." — Dwight, brushing off Deangelo's request to come watch him play basketball against Jim

In the words of Jim, what now? There are a couple more weeks until the season finale when we'll see a few more guest stars (like Ray Romano and Jim Carrey) interview for the job, but you know the Scranton branch needs a more permanent replacement. What did you think of the episode? Did I miss any lines that made you laugh?

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stephley stephley 5 years
Dwight’s just mad at D’Angelo for getting the job he thought was his and, D’Angelo’s surely a jerk, but not as emotionally needy as Michael, so sucking up to him is harder work for Dwight. D’Angelo might actually be too much like Dwight at the core for Dwight to manipulate him. The fact that Jim was able to call him out so easily in the end was pretty Dwight-like. I loved Kelly & Ryan and Pam’s imitation of D’Angelo juggling.
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 5 years
You're right, millarci. Maybe it was because he genuinely liked Michael before? Then again, maybe it's because he'd lost hope of filling the manager position with Denagelo installed in the job and saw no reason to try anymore.
millarci millarci 5 years
I actually kind of curious of why Dwight doesn't "suck up" to Deangelo. He was always a major kiss up to Michael. Any thoughts on that?
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