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The Office Recap "Training Day"

The Office, "Training Day": Best Lines of the Night

We all thought Holly was Michael Scott's perfect match, but that was before we met Deangelo Vickers. Will Ferrell makes his first appearance on The Office this week as the man who may be the next Dunder Mifflin regional manager. The guys seem to be two of a kind on their first awkward meeting, but it's not long before their kinship turns into a competition.

Ferrell actually fits in with the motley crew pretty seamlessly, though he proves to be a bit more rough around the edges than Michael. Steve Carell's exit is really sinking in now, and poor Michael was tearing up by the end of the episode. Personally, my biggest laugh came from Andy stumbling in the kitchen when he's trying to tell jokes, but the episode wasn't without a few zingers. Check out my favorite lines of the night when you


  • Deangelo: "Doing some skiing?"
    Michael: "No. I don't want to end up like Sonny Bobo."
  • "This is Jim and Pam, aka JAP." — Michael, much to the chagrin of JAM fans everywhere
  • "So you decided to have an orgy and not invite me? Come on! I call the middle." — Michael, starting to feel left out when the entire office is crowded around Deangelo during lunch
  • "Dunder Mifflin, this is. Oh yeah, I like it!" — Erin, trying out a new way to answer the phone
  • Darryl: "Finish the joke Andy. What do African Americans call . . .?"
    Andy: "I dunno, help me!"
  • "I'm telling you, that baby could be the star of a show called 'Babies I Don't Care About.'" — Deangelo, expressing his distaste for Pam and Jim's attempts to use Cece to bond with their new boss

How did you feel about Will Ferrell's debut? Are you excited to have Deangelo around for a few more episodes, or are you missing Michael already?

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Join The Conversation
stephley stephley 6 years
Too much unpleasantness: Andy humiliating himself for laughs, dissing the baby. Farrell added nothing good. I do like Erin more all the time.
jannam jannam 6 years
i liked it! one of my fav things was kevin comparing himself to ashton kutcher. haa.
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
The episode wasn't awesome, but there were pretty funny moments. Like when Michael hugged Deangelo from the back! I LOLed at that. Kevin's wig and the PB and J sandwiches. And Kelly's "meet cute"! Well yeah I was expecting more, too. I had high expectations because of the awesome proposal episode.
shaima shaima 6 years
I can only agree with kimmieb124: it was really really disappointing! I had so many expectations, especially regarding Will Ferrell's character. It feels like the writers lost inspiration, because I don't find The Office spirit anymore. Let's hope the next episodes will make me forget this one.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
Maybe I was just too tired last night, but I was disappointed with this episode. I love Will Ferrell, so I guess I had my hopes up too high because I really couldn't get into the show last night. I thought it was only moderately funny at best, and all I could think about at the beginning of the show was what a bad idea it is for the writers to try to replace Michael Scott with someone just like him. It feels too forced. I was glad to see some changes in D'Angelo's character as the went on just for that reason.
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