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The Office Recap "Ultimatum" and Best Quotes

The Office, "Ultimatum": Best Lines of the Night

Is The Office funnier in 2011 or is it just me? The first episode of the year made me laugh out loud several times, even if the central plot is actually kind of sad. When the Dunder Mifflin Sabre employees return from the holidays, Michael is prepping himself to find out whether Holly comes back engaged, since she had pledged to give him an ultimatum in the Christmas episode. When she comes back ring-less, but still with her boyfriend A.J., Michael still kind of freaks out.

Meanwhile, the rest of the office tries to exercise their New Year's resolutions, to generally disastrous results. There's plenty of funny dialogue from this week, so to see my favorite lines, just


  • "One of our many recent good deeds? We set out to capture the Scranton Strangler. Mission accomplished. Not by us." Dwight, on his neighborhood watch group, Knights of the Night
  • "Now, if she's engaged, I'm going to go crazy and start attacking people. If she's not engaged, in all honesty, I may just burn this whole place to the ground out of happiness." — Michael, explaining how he's going to react once he finds out if Holly is engaged or not
  • "You know what you guys should do? Go to the bookstore at lunch. There's tons of cuties and it's easy to talk to them. 'Hey, what book is that? Cool. Let's hang out tonight. Sex already? Whoa.'" — Darryl, giving Andy and Dwight advice on how to meet women, which is really just a ploy to get to a ride to the bookstore
  • You're just going to somersault around for the rest of your life? You know what's going to be on your tombstone? Loser!" — Michael, goading Creed into fulfilling his resolution of doing a cartwheel
  • "You're killing him, Michael!" — Kelly, to Michael force-feeding Kevin broccoli (this whole scene made me laugh out loud, FYI)

The other parts that made me laugh were the expletives tossed around, not just by Creed to Erin, but also Kevin to Holly. On to the actual story — are you hopeful that Holly breaks up with A.J. at the end? I felt bad for her, but this also means that we're a step closer to a Holly/Michael reunion!


So, what did you think of the first episode of The Office of 2011? Did any scenes or lines make you laugh? Chime in here and don't forget that you can join the The Office community group too!

Photo courtesy of NBC

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shaima shaima 6 years
I loved this episode! It gives you hope about that show, and yeah it still can be hilarious! @theEnchantedOne: Michael's comment about flossing was so funny just like the whole Kevin scene (more Kevin please, he's a great character played by a talented actor). I really hope that Michael ends up with Holly, he deserves to be happy. Like Darryl said once, it takes so much courage to wake up every morning and just be Michael. So he must be with the only woman who understands him.
katialoves katialoves 6 years
'my tombstone's already made thank you very much,' creed loved andy roller-skating too!
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
There are many funny lines but I think I expected more? Maybe because I waited so long for a new episode. I have me to blame. Haha! But whatever, I love The Office! And I hope the show or Steve gets to win an award before he leaves!
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
Kevin being forced to eat a vegetable by Michael gave me a laughing fit! Michael being able to do his NY resolution the first day of 2011: "I made a resolution to floss and i did it. 12:01, January 1st, BAM! Blood everywhere." Hilarious! Oh and I just have to mention Kelly's new year resolution.. which is to "get more attention by any means necessary"!!! So Kelly! Then tells Meredith, "I could be pregnant!" Gah :D
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