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The Office Rundown: Episode 10, "The Surplus"

The Office Rundown: Episode 10, "The Surplus"

At Dunder-Mifflin this week, Michael finds out that their branch has a surplus (I love Oscar's patient surplus explanation using the lemonade stand analogy) of $4,300 that they must use by the end of the day or it will be deducted from next year's budget. The staff is then divided on how to use the money: new chairs, or a new copier? Elsewhere, Dwight, Andy and Angela are butting heads while planning Andy and Angela's wedding at Schrute Farms.

So, this episode of The Office isn't totally chock-full of laughs, but I liked that the entire office is engaged in doing something together. To check out some of my favorite parts and to share your own,


  • Pam's hair is so pretty! She is just looking better and better every episode.
  • With the surplus money, Toby wants to have the air quality in the office tested. There's the radon coming from below, the asbestos in the ceiling — "These are silent killers." Of course, Michael's immediate response: "You are the silent killer." (To which Toby mutters, "You'll see.")
  • Jim wants a new copier instead of new chairs, openly disagreeing with Pam. This earns him some admiration from Meredith and Creed. Jim's little shiver after Pam doesn't-threaten him about the chair-copier issue is pretty adorable.
  • During the wedding discussions, Andy, Angela and Dwight hit a wall on the topic of bathrooms. Andy wants to "three-way this little issue." They head off to Schrute Farms together.
  • At the farm, "manure covers up the smell of the slaughter house." This leads to my favorite exchange in the episode:
    Angela: "Do you have to slaughter on our wedding day?"
    Dwight: "You want to eat, don't you?"
    Andy: "Dwight, if we pay extra, can you slaughter the entrees the day before?"
  • Oscar and Jim suck up to Michael by going out to lunch with him ("Best lunch ever!"). Pam, determined to get the chairs ("I mean, seriously, how is it possible that in five years, I've had two engagement rings and only one chair?") retaliates by flattering Michael's fashion sense and excellent TJ Maxx finds.
  • I actually really like this situation in which everyone has to be nice to Michael!
  • At the farm, Dwight has put together what appears to be a mock wedding ceremony. He has Andy pretend to be Angela's father and walk her down the aisle to where Dwight is standing, pretending to be Andy. Dwight has solicited the help of Konrad, a man who has been raised in a closed society just minutes from the farm, and who speaks only German as a result. As Dwight walks Angela and Andy through what "will" happen at their ceremony (even producing a twine ring to put on Angela's finger), Konrad keeps up a continuous stream of German.
    Dwight: "And that's about it. Man and wife."
  • Of course, Konrad was really marrying them, and Dwight tricked Andy into signing the marriage license as a witness for Dwight and Angela. When Angela gets upset, Dwight yells, "It's not my fault you don't understand German! I've been telling you to take it for years!"
  • Michael leaves the chairs/copier decision up to the security man, Hank. But then he tells him to leave when Hank takes too long with his decision.
  • Best part : Angela marching over to Andy, sitting on his lap and kissing him, right in Dwight's face.
    Andy: "Was that hot or what?"
  • Turns out Michael can return the surplus and take a 15% bonus, which he'd like to do because if you go into Burlington Coat Factory with $645, "you are literally a king." Ha!
  • Michael tells the staff that they should appreciate what they have. "You think kids in Africa have chairs? No. They sit on big piles of trash. You think they have copiers? They don't have copiers! They don't even have paper."
  • Uh-oh. Now Jim will ask Pam to make his copies. . . eeeek.

Any thoughts on "The Surplus"?

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