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The Office Rundown: Episode 13, "Job Fair"

The Office Rundown: Episode 13, "Job Fair"

OK, the awkwardness at the job fair: funny, or just awkward? Jim's persistence with the guy at the golf course: ambitious drive and dedication, or just desperate? Lately I've been torn about the episodes of The Office. The parts that make me the happiest are the cutesy moments between Pam and Jim, but I don't laugh as much anymore. Do you think The Office is falling into same ol', same ol' territory? Or do you find it as fresh and funny as ever?

This week Michael brings a few of the employees to a high school job fair to recruit an intern. Everyone back at the office decides to leave early (to Dwight's outrage) — except for Angela. Meanwhile, Jim hits the golf course with Andy and Kevin and attempts to woo a client.

To see some of my favorite parts from "Job Fair" and to share your thoughts,


  • Michael says they need interns at the office, in order to "youthanize" (euthanize) the place.
  • It is really cute that Jim has "long-term goals" that he wants Pam's parents to be psyched about. "I am going to do something very bold that I have never done at this job before: Try."
  • Andy can't shake the guy's hand because he's "got some blisties" after hitting about 1,200 golf balls the night before in preparation. Also, he used to hang out with the sailing kids instead of the golf kids. "Got my knot on."
  • Pam, upon walking into her old gym: "Pretending to have PMS so I didn't have to play volleyball. Pretending to have PMS so I didn't have to play basketball. Those were the days."
  • Michael says to Justin that he could be "a classy janitor. Or, a cashier with dignity. Or a migraine worker. Maybe for you, paper should be more of a hobby."
  • Pam, telling the story of Michael instructing her to just bring one sheet of paper: "And then you said, 'Pam! Pam! Pam!' and then you sneezed in my tea and you said, 'Don't worry, it's just allergies.' Do you remember that?"
  • Michael: "Yeah, I'm trying to lure these kids into my booth, but kids are very wary of being lured these days. Thank you, Dateline."
  • Creed calls Angela "Pumpkin"!
  • Michael: "All of these jobs? Suck. I would rather live jobless, on a beach somewhere, off the money of a large inheritance, than to work in any one of these crapholes. They suck."

  • Did anyone else think they were going to return to the art room later in the episode after Pam looked for something and then left? I'm sure they have their reasons for including that scene, but at the moment I'm not quite sure what the point of it was.
  • Michael, attempting to draw Justin back: "And you already met her, Pam Beasly, office hottie. She will do you. (chuckles) No, no. But she has already dated two guys in the office — that we know of — so, this could be number three, you never know. (whispers) Come here. . . I would never say this to her face, but she is a wonderful person and a gifted artist."
    Oscar: "What? Why wouldn't you say that to her face?"
  • Angela and Dwight working all day in silence is hilarious. There is so much that goes on with these two without any words.
  • Aw, Jim and Pam making out is so cute. Then it's ruined by Michael saying, "Yeah, kiss her. Kiss her good." Awkward! However, that last look Pam gives Michael is priceless.
  • When Pam goes to apply for a graphic design job, she ends up saying "New York or Philadelphia" enough times to more than sufficiently provide some foreshadowing.

This week's Office: thoughts?


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