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The Office Rundown: Episode 13, "Prince Family Paper"

The Office Rundown: Episode 13, "Prince Family Paper"

First of all, it took me way too long to get the "Prince"/"prints" pun in the name of the family-run company that Michael and Dwight go to visit. But anyway. This week's episode of The Office has Michael grappling with his personal feelings over a business issue while the rest of the office has a formal debate about whether or not Hilary Swank is "hot."

One of my favorite things about this episode? Kevin. He is on fire this episode! So much Kevin goodness. For some of his best lines and other parts of the episode I enjoyed,


  • Ha: Jim prank! He runs a red wire from Dwight's desk all the way outside and up a utility pole.
  • As they all start arguing over whether or not Hilary Swank is hot, Kevin says, "She looks like a monster." A monster?!
  • Wait . . . does this IHOP vs. Denny's argument between Dwight and Michael in the car lead to Dwight calling Michael a socialist? Just checking. Because that's hilarious.
  • They practice the signal that means they need to leave: Licking their lips. Which Dwight insists on doing as big and wetly as possible.
  • Michael explains that in nature there is something called the food chain, which consists of all sharks eating the smaller sharks until you get down to the "single-cell sharks." If you replace all the "sharks" with "paper companies" in this analogy, it is all you need to know about business.
  • Michael gets to know this small, family-run business owner, who opened up shop when he returned from Vietnam. "Oooh, Vietnam. I hear it's lovely."
  • See, this is The Office I know and love — some out-of-office stuff while all the remaining employees engage in some kind of inane craziness within the office itself. Such as having a formal debate over whether or not Hilary Swank is hot. Kevin wants to be firm about the differences between "attractive," "beautiful," and "hot." "A painting can be beautiful, but I don't want to bang a painting."
  • Michael: "Laughter is my job. Tears are my game. Law is my profession."
  • Kevin, after almost being lured by Jim to the "Hot" side: "It's 'is she hot?' Not 'would you do her?' Respect the game."
  • Angela doesn't even get the debate — "Hot is a temperature, people" — but she wants Kevin to lose, so she joins the "Hot" team, saying Hilary Swank is hot as heck. "She's a female Boris Becker."
  • Kelly is upset because if Hilary Swank's not hot then that means she's not hot because she's not as hot as Hilary Swank! Is it sad that I've thought things like this before?
  • Ha! Dwight and Michael waggling their tongues at each other as they are about to leave the office. Then they try to peel out of the parking lot but only end up damaging the car, which only brings out more kindness in the Prince family.
  • These presentations for the "Hot" side and the "Not Hot" side are hilarious:
    Pam: "Ladies. Are we prepared to let the Kevins of the world decide anything for us? Anything at all? We don't even give him full Internet access." (Kevin: "Wait, what?")
    Oscar talks technically about the symmetry of facial features in order to prove that while yes, Hilary Swank is attractive, she's not hot.
    Stanley dramatically, passionately says that finding fault with Hilary Swank is "no way to live life."
  • I love that as Dwight and Michael walk back into the office, Jim's saying "All I'm saying is Kevin's not necessarily a feminist, is all I'm saying."
  • Dwight is not familiar with the expression "Live and let live." "It doesn't make any sense . . . of course I'm alive . . ."
  • Michael's heart does not want to give David Wallace the list of the Prince's clients. Dwight reminds Michael that his heart makes terrible decisions and Michael agrees. "Jan. . . Ryan. . ."
  • Dwight then resorts to telling Michael about Frodo and The Lord of the Rings. But it doesn't work and Michael wants to get rid of the list, so Dwight chases after him and grabs the list, saying that it's business, not personal.
    Michael: "I'm not a shark!"
  • Aw, "bittersweet": Dwight, after Michael gives the client list to David Wallace: "Well guess whose stock just went up, Golden Boy."

Which presentation for "Hot" or "Not Hot" was your favorite? Did you sympathize with the Prince family? Did you like that this episode is pretty much drama-free (no romantic stuff)?


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