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The Office Rundown: Episode 24, "Heavy Competition"

The Office Rundown: Episode 24, "Heavy Competition"

The Michael Scott Paper Company has gone from something that seemed extremely sad to a place that seems almost kinda fun. There are certainly days I wish I could spend throwing and catching cheese puffs. And once again, though we know Michael's a little slow on the uptake, he still manages to show that he can be a pretty solid paper salesman when need be. At the same time, Dwight grapples with remaining loyal to his personal "hero" while the new boss, Charles, starts to not seem that bad. And Jim messes with Andy's head for funsies.

Are you rooting for the Michael Scott Paper Company to truly succeed? To check out some of my favorite moments from this week's episode of The Office,


  • Andy's demo of his acapella group doing "You Can Call Me Al" (with a slow, churchy beginning) as a wedding song is hilarious and a little painful. Jim explains that after Andy and Angela's wedding has been completely canceled, "we are going bargain hunting in the haunted graveyard of their love."
  • Dwight: "When Michael was in charge, this place was like the Roman empire. And the Wild West. And war-torn Poland. And Poland. There was just, a lot going on, so what you wore to work was the least of anyone's worries. And in that chaos, I soared."
  • Andy: "I know a few things about love. Horrible, terrible, awful, awful things."
  • Charles tells Dwight to take a seat. "I prefer to stand. Less blood clots."
    Charles: "No. That's weird. You're gonna sit." Then Charles asks Dwight out for a drink and Dwight is amazed.
  • Yay, Mose reference! On the phone, Dwight tells Michael something's come up. Michael: "Is it Mose? Did you put the cover on that well?"
    Dwight: "No, Mose is fine, I roped it off. It's not about Mose."
  • Michael says he has dibs on Dwight. "You respect dibs, don't you?"
    Dwight: "I'm not a barbarian."
  • Andy wants Jim to break up with Pam, but Jim says she gets him through the day. "I'm pretty emotionally needy." So Andy says he'll be there for him. "Let me be your traveling pants."
  • Charles wants Michael to stop squeezing Dwight for information. Michael just feels betrayed that Dwight led him into a confrontation with Charles. "It's like a girl says she'll make out with you, but then her boyfriend is waiting around the corner with a pee-filled balloon."
  • Trying to prove how emotionally needy he really is, Jim pretends to freak out about doing poorly on a sales call. "When I look in the mirror I don't like the face that looks back!"
    Andy: "Well, so what? Your body's a 10!"
  • Dwight offers to take out Michael's staff for lunch, and then goes to their office and throws a fish up into the vent, while claiming that he's late to lunch because he hit a bear. "He's technically fine. I imagine the true horror will be when he wakes up in a zoo."
  • I love that Pam holds up notes explaining to Michael what's actually going on when Michael doesn't get subtext.
  • Dwight finds his contact card in Michael's rolodex. On the back it simply says "tall" and "beets."
  • I can't decide if I think the stuff with Andy and Jim is funny and cute (especially when Jim promises Andy that he will find someone else) or just a bunch of filler.
  • Dwight rushes down to Scoffield's office as Michael is persuading Scoffield to change paper companies, but Michael smoothly readjusts the power balance in the room and isn't flustered by Dwight's desperate attempts to usurp him. Pretty impressive for Michael Scott.
  • Ha! Michael color-coded his rolodex contacts. "Green means 'go,' so I know to go ahead and shut up about it. Orange means 'orange you glad you didn't bring it up?' Most colors mean 'don't bring it up.'"


Join The Conversation
runnerjenn827 runnerjenn827 8 years
Spin Move.
kafarine-tin-tin kafarine-tin-tin 8 years
It was an okay episode, but I loved the cheese puff starting, and I would looooove to see the bloopers too. :D I think it's good that they reinforce that Michael is actually a good salesman, he just has his own way of doing things. It makes me think that The Michael Scott Paper Company might actually succeed. Yay for that! And I loved Michael's system with the rolodex, "Green means 'go,' so I know to go ahead and shut up about it. Orange means 'orange you glad you didn't bring it up?' Most colors mean 'don't bring it up." I didn't really like the Jim prank much but I did like it at the end when Jim was smiling at the door and then told Andy he would find someone else. That was kind of cute.
Quirks4me Quirks4me 8 years
I think the Michael Scott Paper Company plotline has definitely brought new life to The Office. I was starting to feel The Office wasn't as good as it was Seasons 2-3 but I feel it's really perked up lately. Yay!
bakedbeans bakedbeans 8 years
the office has really redeemed itself since the mid season slump. Jim and Pam are so cute and funny together, and was actually rooting for Michael, and I must say, his sales call was surprisingly good.
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
The Office has gotten good again. I love the Michael/Dwight power struggle!
limelindsey limelindsey 8 years
I definitely laughed the hardest at "so what? Your body's a ten." Hilarious! I also liked Pam and Ryan's notes telling Michael what was really going on - classic. Overall I liked the episode.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
LovelyLilKatie, I know! He's usually such a bafoon, but he's really a good salesman sometimes ! We need more Mose ! LOL at "your body is a 10!" Oh, Andy ... Dwight undressing to show he's not wired. CLASSIC Dwight !!
LovelyLiLKatie LovelyLiLKatie 8 years
how long do you think it took them to get all those successful cheese ball shots? I love the nightlight comment, i mean who hasn't used their blackberry as a nightlight/flashlight? I think its so funny that becuase michael is such a crazy ass sometimes that you forget he can be a pretty brilliant paper salesman! sometimes when he pulls off some crazy paper power move i wanna cheer! oh and i fucking love random mose references this past one was sooo funny i was almost like -did they just say, what they said...mose is roped off in a well somewhere lmao!?!?!?
ashopaholic ashopaholic 8 years
The Office is better then ever! Love it!
emalove emalove 8 years
I thought last week's episodes were great, but this one left me a little disappointed. I'm rooting for The Michael Scott Paper Company too, Pumachik!
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
i'm rooting for the michael scott paper company. hilarious ep last night
hollycf hollycf 8 years
Overall okay episode. Lots of funny little moments. I hated Jim's prank on Andy though. I felt so bad for Andy.
popcorn19 popcorn19 8 years
I don't know-- I really didn't like this episode. There did seem to be a lot of filler jokes around which the plotlines centered, leaving not much substance. And the jokes that were there didn't make me lol at all. Fingers crossed for the next eppy!
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
Love this episode. I really do want Michael Scott Paper Company to succeed!! I loved the u-g-l-y cheer in the beginning. I laughed at the "traveling pants" reference. Michael being a competent salesman made me happy. I hope Ryan sticks around even though he's a jerk. He seems to be happy so far at the little company.
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
Great episode! I loved how Pam said she imported Michael's rolodex into his Blackberry, but he just uses it as a nightlight - hilarious!! Also seriously cracked up when they did the UGLY cheer at the beginning of the day. And, I also seriously want some cheese balls...
I loved this episode. It was really funny. However I was totally Team Dwight!!!!!!!!! To my surprise however Micheal was really smart and savvy...usually the opposite of himself.
jessr1214 jessr1214 8 years
this was a great episode! I love the dynamic at Michael Scott paper company...and i was actually pretty impressed with the cheese ball throwing.
humangirl humangirl 8 years
I just remembered I had a dream about cheese puffs last night. Damn TV sneaking into my subconscious. "Tall. Beets." So funny.
emms emms 8 years
I loved all of the cheese ball throwing. I would love to see some outtakes from that. I wonder how many takes it took to get all the shots? It also made me really want cheese balls which in reality are truly disgusting. Second favorite moments was definitely "Tall" and "Beets".
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