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The Office Rundown: Episode 7, "Survivor Man"

The Office Rundown: Episode 7, "Survivor Man"

So, in a normal week, this is when I'd write something about how The Office seemed just a bit off last night. It might be when I'd wonder why every episode this season has had a significant part of the action happen outside the actual office, even though the office bits are what makes the show so relatable and funny. But knowing it's the next-to-last episode for who knows how long makes me want to go easy on the show. After all, "Survivor Man" still gave me some of the best laughs I've gotten from TV this week, from Michael's duct-taped pants to Jim's iron fist cracking down on the birthday celebrations. Here were some of my favorite parts:

  • Even when Ryan's not in an episode, he can still be a jerk! He didn't invite Michael on the wilderness retreat, so Michael decided to take to the woods himself. Michael to Jim: "Hypothetically, if I were to ask you to go camping — and you know what a hypothetical means? Not real?"
  • What have they done to Toby? His weird, greasy bangs were just gross.
  • Michael tells Jim he needs to get away from the office for a while — "All the cliques and the office politics, fluorescent lights, asbestos — "
    Jim: "I thought we had that looked at."

More highlights if you

  • Loved the montage of where Dwight hides his weapons around the office. There's a dart gun in the toilet, and a knife filed under Mr. A. Knife.
  • Dwight to Michael: "I would never leave you for dead. You would never escape. I would make sure that you were dead, believe me. And then I would remove your teeth, and cut off your fingertips so you could not be identified, and they would call me the Overkill Killer."
  • Come to think of it, this episode was big on funny montages. I had to keep rewatching the one with Michael's overwhelming love of birthday surprises.
  • "Tell her it's for Creed. She'll know what that means."
  • In the woods, Dwight claims he'll let Michael die, but he'll never let him lose his dignity. Cut to Michael wearing cutoff suit shorts.
  • Stanley: "I took an extra shot of insulin in preparation for this cake today. If I don't have some cake soon I might die."
  • Apparently Jim shares Michael's hatred of Toby; his imitation of Toby's mealy-mouthed "I don't see the harm in that" was awesome.
  • Was that our first "that's what she said" of the season?
  • Michael's speech at the end was pretty classic: "Man became civilized for a reason. He decided that he'd like to have warmth and clothing and television and hamburgers and to walk upright and to have a soft futon at the end of the day. He didn't want to have to struggle to survive. I don't need the woods. I have a nice wood desk. I don't need fresh air, because I have the freshest air around: AC. And I don't need wide open spaces. Check it out. (swivels his monitor to show a picture of the Grand Canyon) I can also make it the sky."

What did you think of this week's episode? What were your favorite lines? And how are you going to cope with only one new episode?


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