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The Office Rundown: Episode Five, "Crime Aid"

The Office Rundown: Episode Five, "Crime Aid"

This week's episode of The Office starts off with Pam working her new part-time job at the Dunder-Mifflin corporate office in New York. Corporate New York Pam has such gorgeous hair! Elsewhere in the episode, Jim starts to feel slightly uneasy about his long-distance relationship with Pam while Holly and Michael's relationship heats up. The office is robbed and Michael decides to hold a "Crime Aid" auction to raise money for the stolen items.

To read about some of my favorite parts and share your own,


  • Michael and Holly went on a mini-golf date. Coincidentally, you can play "The Office Mini-Putt" on NBC's Office website.
  • Andy: "Oh, and am I right in assuming that Dwight is short for D. Money? Because that's what I wrote on your save-the-date." Then, to Jim: "J. Money. Or should it be T. Money for Tuna?"
  • Phyllis, as Dwight carves a knife out of a piece of wood: "You're making a knife with a knife?"
    Dwight: "You got a better way?" I love the little friendship that springs up between Phyllis and Dwight in this episode!
  • Mike flat out asks Holly if they're going to have sex later and she says, "Hell yeah." So Michael thinks he'll probably get soup for dinner. "Something light."
  • Dwight: "She introduced me to so many things. Pasteurized milk. Sheets. Monotheism. Presents on your birthday. Preventative medicine."
  • I love Michael and Holly playing Crazy Eights with funny voices. They're so good for each other! And then Holly locks the camera people outside so she can make out with Michael in the office building — but we can still hear them.
  • The office is robbed and Dwight says it's possible the thieves were "vintage HP computer collectors."
  • Andy tells Angela she's safe with him because he's a good screamer.
  • Creed: "Nobody steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person to do this disappeared. His name? Creed Bratton."
  • Michael: "Come on! Let's have an auction! Let's do this. We'll auction off people, like in the olden days." Stanley gives a look.
  • Holly: "Michael scored the big ticket item: Springsteen tickets. The boss scored The Boss!"
    "Yeah, I think that's pretty boss."
    "He knows how to get things. He got me." They are grinning at each other like fools!
  • Dwight corners Angela when she emerges from the bathroom. "Listen to me close, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once. You either break off your engagement with that singing buffoon, apologize and then date me or you can say goodbye to this."
  • CRIME AID: Crime Reduces Innocence Makes Everyone Angry I Declare
  • Darryl: "Mike gave me a list of his top ten Springsteen songs. Three were Huey Lewis and the News, one was Tracy Chapman 'Fast Car,' and my personal favorite, 'Short People.'"
  • Michael buys a yoga lesson by Holly for $300. He then bangs the gavel, which squeaks to his dismay. "It squeaks when you bang it. That's what she said."
  • Michael: "It just says Creed."
    Creed: "Yeah, that's all-inclusive."
  • Aww. As we hear the lyrics "me and the blues," Dwight looks at Angela for her answer but she just looks at Andy. Dwight turns away, dejected. Later, he actually lets the air out of Phyllis's tires to get her outside to talk. When she tells him to move on from Angela, Dwight says that Phyllis is just trying to secure her place as head of the party planning committee. "You're just being selfish." So she slaps him!
    Dwight: "And you slap like a girl."
  • Roy walks into the bar! Thankfully, Jim and Roy are civil with each other, and Roy even congratulates Jim on the engagement. But then Roy makes Jim feel insecure about Pam having a good time without him in New York. So, Jim says he's going to see Pam. But then he makes a U-turn and smiles, saying that he's "not that guy. And we are not that couple."
  • Aww, there's actually a bidding war going on for Phyllis's hug! Dwight keeps bidding one penny more than everyone else's bid. Bob Vance wins with his bid of $1000! I love it.
  • Michael tells everyone that he doesn't have the Springsteen tickets. For a moment I wondered if he had the tickets but wanted to use them for himself and Holly. Holly grinning from ear to ear: "The Springsteen tickets seemed too good to be true. But a lot of Michael seems too good to be true. So far it's all true. But yeah, those tickets really seemed too good to be true."
  • David Wallace arrives at the auction to offer up a weekend at his place in Martha's Vineyard. Later, he spots Michael and Holly kissing. David Wallace: "No. I did not know that Michael was dating Holly."


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