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The Office Rundown: Episode Nine, "Frame Toby"

The Office Rundown: Episode Nine, "Frame Toby"

You guys, Toby's back! I'm so happy! He's one of my all-time favorite supporting characters on The Office (who's yours?). Michael is none too pleased with this "sudden reappearance" and he tries to get Toby fired. Meanwhile, Jim has a pretty big surprise in store for Pam.

Ready to check out my favorite parts and share your own? Just


  • I'm totally referring to brownies as "Pastry cubes made of sugar and fat" from now on.
  • I love Michael's immediate reaction to seeing Toby again. Toby: "Hi, Mic-"
    Michael: "NOOO! GOD! NO! PLEASE, GOD, NO!"
  • Ha! Michael texts "911" to people so they'll call him back. Hilarious and sad.
  • Oh, man, Jim's house is painfully familiar-looking ("Why would you wanna buy ugly wood from trees when you can have paneling?"). Right down to the creepy clown picture.
  • Andy: "Whoa, you haven't told the missus about the castle? You're in for a spanking my friend." He then says there are no secrets between him and his "lady," while Angela looks away.
  • Creed says that he lives down by the quarry, too. "We should hang out by the quarry and throw things down there."
  • Meredith: "'Sincerely, Disappointed.' Get off your high horse, richie."
  • Michael, before he tries to be nice to Toby: "You want to see some really high-caliber acting? Well, Mr. Kurt Russell you are about to be served." After his attempt, he says it's like trying to be friends to "an evil snail," and that he feels like he's dying inside. He equates himself to Neve Campbell's character in Scream 2, when the killer comes back and starts killing off all her friends. "Learned a lot of lessons from that movie. This is just one of them."
  • Dwight: "I love catching people in the act. That's why I always whip open doors."
    Michael: "Me too."
  • Dwight thinks he's "the bait" for Toby to sexually harass someone, especially in his "mustard shirt."
    Dwight: "Men find me desirable."
    Michael: "Yes. Sure they do, Dwight."
  • Michael tells Pam to go over to Toby with a note that says, "Please hug and kiss me no matter how hard I struggle, I'm too shy to tell you that I love you."
  • Dwight suggests they frame Toby for using drugs. "Yeah, it's illegal. But everything they do on The Shield is illegal." He then says he framed a raccoon for opening a Christmas present, and a bear for eating out of the garbage (of course, begging the question why Dwight was eating out of the garbage).
  • Now one of my all time favorite Office lines: Michael says framing Toby seems awfully mean. "But sometimes the ends justify the mean."
  • Is Ryan one of the biggest d-bags on TV? I think so. As he tries to claim that he can't clean the microwave ("Pam, I am hopeless at that stuff!"), Pam asks him, "You've seen things clean before, though, right?" I love that she doesn't take his crap.
  • When the cops follow Dwight back to the annex, Creed stands up as if to put his hands up. "Just pretend we're talking until the cops leave."
  • Turns out the "marijuana" that Michael paid $500 for is a baggie of caprese salad.
  • Dwight, to the cops: "You have laws that protect you in any kind of interrogation, why don't you use them?"
  • Michael, after the failed framing: "Welcome back, jerky jerk face."
  • Ryan says he's going on a trip to Thailand with some friends from high school — "Well, a high school."
  • Oh, wow, if I had a husband and if he ever bought any house without asking me, it would not end well (also, any Brothers and Sisters fans in the house? This surprise-house-buying story was also in that episode!). Pam, however, is thrilled. "You bought me a house!"
  • Dwight's description of his perfect crime is. . . priceless.


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reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
Actually, my bf bought me a house and even though it has some issues, my reaction was EXACTLY like Pam's- and I even knew about the house. But I couldn't stop thinking and saying 'You bought me a house?!?" So I thought that was realistic. But I do think Pam will miss some of her exciting NYC life- that will be the upcoming challenge for JAM.
verr0nica verr0nica 8 years
The house was the sweetest; remember, he is not her husband yet and she just moved back to Scranton so I think his intentions were to get them a home already. She is a recepetionist, they don't amek alot, so I'm sure she was picturing them squeezing into a tiny apt.
ElanaRobinson ElanaRobinson 8 years
I'm thinking Pam still has some surprises coming in the future
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
I kind of feel like Pam wasn't that thrilled about the house until she saw the garage/art studio...and that's when she saw the gesture as sweet. I agree, the perfect crime was awesome!
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I don't think Pam's character would resent Jim or want to be posh in the Big City. It's not her style. She is not a snob.
nowari_101 nowari_101 8 years
LUVED Michael reaction when he saw toby back LOL
jadenirvana jadenirvana 8 years
I agree Pam's recent re-acclamation to Scranton seems stilted and unrealistic. After a taste of city life and the sophistication, new friends, I just find it very unrealistic that she would just joyfully slip back into her old life as a receptionist living in Jim's parents house in her hometown. It would have been a much better twist for Jim to move to New York and get a promotion and work at corporate, I think. If Pam doesn't get some kind of art gig, or start resenting Jim pretty quick, I am going to officially send this storyline to the island of cheesy tv cliches.
kaks11 kaks11 8 years
I'm glad Creed brought some laughs last night!
kafarine-tin-tin kafarine-tin-tin 8 years
I think this episode was pretty good. I loved the little montage-y bit with Jim shouwing the cameras around his and Pam's house, and not being able to move the creepy clown picture no matter how hard they tried. And then Pam's "are you inching away from me? Put your arms out." Follwed by Jim not reaching, and then "I'm always this far away..." Oh, and the awesomely awesome Vance refridgeration guys to Michael's "I want to purchase something" "Like a fridge?" Ditto Buzz, Dwight's perfect crime = AMAZING. All in all, not a bad ep, I say.
sascha9000 sascha9000 8 years
Last night might have been one of the Top Ten office Episodes EVER. Between Michael's reaction to Toby and the plot to get him framed with drugs ... all just brilliant! Need to watch again!
vandec vandec 8 years
sadly, I was still coming off the buzz that was "Business Trip" -- after that epic episode, with so many choice lines, this kinda fell flat .... I hope krae85 is right and that Ryan disappears!
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 8 years
I think Michael calling Toby and "evil snail" is one of my all time favorite moments. So perfect.
samida18 samida18 8 years
Hands down, the funniest part was Michael's reaction to Toby being back. I played that over and over on my DVR. "NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Funny.
krae85 krae85 8 years
I think I read that "Ryan" will be off the show completely and we won't see him in thailand, but BJ will still write for the show.
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 8 years
Ugh, mealey-mouth Toby is back! :oy: Great moment when Pam and Jim kissed in the garage. I love the way her loves her. *sigh*
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
Buzz, great attention to detail! You made me laugh all over again!
vandec vandec 8 years
I said this on the other thread, but I am really hating BJ's character .. I hated what a douche Ryan became as 'the boss' and now he's just a jackass. I won't miss him and it would be totally brill if he gets busted in Thailand. This ep in general not nearly as good as Business Trip, but I did like the JAM moments. How great that Pam loved the house, esp after B&S with the Scottie / Kevin disaster. I think she sees the potential in them both working at making it theirs. Plus she kept saying "You bought me a house!" ... not too cute, just cute enough! I never ever ever liked Toby (he's creepy, esp after his gross lusting after Pam) -- but the whole idea of writing that Michael would frame him was ill-conceived and poorly executed. Mindy Kaling can and has done better. :(
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
You hit all the funny points, Buzz. Creed had some great moments, as did Dwight. Pam's "note" to Toby made me laugh out loud. Michael is so out of control.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
I would probably be fine with the house and long as there's redecorating. Of course, I'm also saying that because it would be nice to have a place I could paint in so that was my favorite part of the house. And yes, Ryan is a D-bag.
krae85 krae85 8 years
I would so not live in Jim's parents' weirdo house.
emms emms 8 years
Totally saw Brothers & Sisters on Sunday to see the exact same plotline of the surprise house buying for your significant other. I really thought the Pam/Jim one would end badly though...I shouldn't have because of course Jim and Pam are perfect (a little too perfect if you ask me). Strange that the house Kevin bought for Scotty was beautiful (but a little bit of a fixer upper) and Scotty was pissed and the house that Jim bought for Pam was well...retro...and Pam was thrilled to pieces.
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
Lots of small funny individual things, but not as overall funny as last week. I was feeling sort of sympathetic to Michael last week and now he is all cruel and heartless again. Dwight's attempts to help frame Toby were really funny all. And I also loved 'Sometiems the ends justify the mean' Pam being upset about the microwave and Jim going 'Are you still talking about the microwave' 'Are you backing away from me??' was great. Ryan is terrible, ha ha. I bet he gets busted for dope smuggling in Thailand for sure. And poor Toby. " Micheal, I did not put salad in my desk drawer." And I was sort of iffy on the whole house thing too- it did look sort of run-down but sweet on the outside. But when Jim took Pam there and I saw how hard he had worked to make it nice for her - the 'studio' in the garage, haha, it was really touching. I wonder if they will get the clown picture down. And have a housewarming party- that would be awesome. I want to see more wedding planning with Schrute Farms.
canadianchickie canadianchickie 8 years
I liked Pam's comment to Ryan regarding him implying that she should clean the microwave "I guess that's why we have a temp huh?" HA Ryan's character is a D-Bag and he plays it well.
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
I loved Jim's comment that the scary clown picture must be integral to the structural integrity of the house. Too funny. And as much as I love Michael hating on poor Toby for no reason, I miss Holly.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 8 years
Meh. Not one of the best episodes. I was glad to see Toby, although I do miss Holly.
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