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Once Upon a Time Fan Reviews

Tell Us Why You're Watching Once Upon a Time

ABC's Once Upon a Time was a late arrival to the Fall TV lineup, but it was one of our favorite pilots out of the gate — and I'm still hooked. I love the juxtaposition of life in Storybrooke with the individual fairy-tale back stories. I was pleasantly surprised to see that meek Mary Margaret was once a kick-ass Snow White (not unlike the one we see in the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer), and I drooled over Cinderella's ball gown when she finally meets her prince. I'm also into the whimsy look of the show, and the villains are the kind of creepy characters that you can only find in a fantasy series (Rumpelstiltskin never fails to make my skin crawl). Now that you've heard my opinion, I want to hear from you all — tell me why you're still tuning into Once Upon a Time!

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bigdog5758 bigdog5758 5 years
One of the reasons I like Once Upon A Time as many of the other commenters posted before me, they take a fairy tale and put a new twist on it. Another reason why I decided to turn into it is because some of the people of LOST are behind it so that was a plus going into it. It's also fun to watch each week and see what fairy tale is going to be told, how it relates to the characters and also what fun twist they will throw at us.
crazylovevbug crazylovevbug 5 years
I LOVE this show. It's so magical and addicting. The acting is great and it's so interesting. It also feeds my addiction to all things Disney and fairytale as a hopeless romantic. Plus what everyone else said.
nicole121482 nicole121482 5 years
My 9 year old daughter and I watch it together on Sunday nights. It is our new favorite thing to do!! The acting is fantastic, the plot is interesting and we've been hooked since the beginning:) In my opinion, there is nothing else like it on TV these days and we just can't get enough!!! Love, love, love this show!!!!
limelindsey limelindsey 5 years
What everyone else said. Seriously. I haven't been instantly hooked by a show like this in years!
msdavis2u msdavis2u 5 years
"Once Upon A Time" hooked me during the pilot. It's delightful watching the writers weave fantasy and reality together in Storybrooke and then give us a heavy dose of fairy tale lore to explain a tiny bit more about the curse each week. Snow White and Prince Charming are perfectly cast, as is the Wicked Witch and most especially Rumplestiltskin. The horrifying deals made in the fairy tale universe pale against the smooth pure evil he exudes in Storybrook. Emma is a great kick-ass character, as the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming should be, and I love the way they weave Henry into the lives of everyone. This is the most fun I've had watching TV in years and I thank ABC for buying into this idea. This show will be a big Emmy winner next year.
maryvee maryvee 5 years
Totally hooked on this show! one of the best new shows.
Ellenora Ellenora 5 years
I love how the show takes the original, uncensored Brothers Grimm fairy tales (for the most part), fractures them, and then makes them new. Then, they take these NEW fairy tales and set them to against a reality one character (who knows who she is) creates. Wickedly brilliant, if you ask me. It's especially addicting if you've always loved the original, uncensored Brothers Grimm fairy tales. These stories weren't made for children, but teenagers who were about to be married off and adults, originally. This show is NOT made for children either, even though one of the main characters is a child, which mirrors the Brothers Grimm and I love that. I am a fairytale and myth nerd, so this is right up my ally. Totally addicted.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 5 years
I like the mix of reality vs. fairy tale. It's the draw of the "how would the characters fare in our time" that gets me.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
I love how it spins something familiar into a new story. We all know the fairytales and characters, but they are in this situation where they don't remember who they are, and that makes the show and the characters fresh for me. It's like we know them, but we really don't!!! And Prince Charming and the Sheriff are pretty easy on the eyes :-)
jadenirvana jadenirvana 5 years
I am totally hooked. The magical themes make this show the perfectly holiday treat, and I have to be honest, the juicy characters totally feed my LOST withdrawals.
BeatleBabe BeatleBabe 5 years
Personally, I'm all into this show because of the whole deja-vu feeling you get while watching it. It's very unique, there aren't many shows like that. The most similar one that comes to mind was that mini-series "Tin Man" that Sy-Fy aired several years back. It actually reminds me A LOT of that, which I LOVED. <3
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