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Fall Hard For the Fairy-Tale Romances of Once Upon a Time

Sep 4 2016 - 5:30am

When Once Upon a Time [1] returns, there will be a lot going on in season six [2]. There will be many new characters [3], but let's focus on the Storybrooke denizens who have been there all along. There's been so much romance over the past five seasons, with Hook and Emma's first kisses, Snow and Charming's undying love, and Rumple and Belle's bumpy road. There are several, dare we say, storybook romances on this show, and we can't get enough of them. Let's go over the show's most important couples since we'll be seeing a lot of twists and turns this coming season!

Additional reporting by Kelsie Gibson

Snow White and Prince Charming

Snow White and Prince Charming's love story is not only a tale as old as time (well, fairy-tale time), but it also might be the most romantic relationship on the show. After a delightfully antagonistic meeting, these two marry and have their first baby, only to be ripped apart by the Evil Queen's curse. In Storybrooke, it took them a season to get together once they gave in to their irresistible pull to each other, and they prove time and again that they're totally devoted to each other. Not only have they welcomed their second child, Neal, together, but they even share a heart now! If that's not true love, we don't know what is.

Rumplestiltskin and Belle

This relationship started out as a pleasant surprise. In one of the show's subversions of a classic fairy tale, the "Beauty and the Beast" story was retold with Rumple as the beast. Despite his terrible behavior, Belle saw through it time and time again. Even though they eventually get married, they are faced with even more lows in their relationship when Rumple struggles with his inner darkness. While they manage to put the past in the past, at the end of season five, the two reach a standstill when Belle voluntarily put herself under a sleeping curse and Rumple's kiss isn't able to wake her. Oh yeah, she's currently pregnant with his child!

Captain Hook and Emma

In the show fan-favorite pairing [12], the iconic pirate has fallen for the beautiful savior. Like her parents' relationship, this flirtation started out with these two as foes, but Emma softens toward Hook (I mean, look at him). These two have literally been to hell and back for each other but have proven time and time again what they have is true love. Now that Hook has returned from the dead, it seems like the pair could be taking the next step in their relationship. Do we hear wedding bells [13]?

Regina and Robin Hood

We'll say it: poor Regina. When the loss of her first love essentially propelled her into becoming the Evil Queen, it seemed like she would never find love. She believed that herself for so long, refusing to act when Tinker Bell presented her with the man she was destined to love again, Robin Hood. The two have had their fair share of low points (hello, her half-sister gave birth to his baby!), but things were finally looking up when Robin confessed his love and told Regina that she was "his future." Alas, Regina was faced with yet another unhappy ending when Robin Hood was killed by Hades [17] in season five.

Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora

Phillip and Aurora aren't series regulars we get to check in on frequently, but when we do, the Sleeping Beauty couple certainly has the storybook-romance thing down. He wakes her from the sleeping curse, they fall deeply in love, and then they start a family.

Eric and Ariel

The Little Mermaid pair isn't part of our world that often, but just like in Disney's movie, Ariel fights for her man. Here's hoping we see more of this cute couple.

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