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The Originals Recap of "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree"

How The Vampire Diaries Gang Would React to The Originals Episode 6

Watch out, Klaus, because Elijah is back in a major way on this week's episode of The Originals. Now that he's out of the coffin, Elijah takes matters into his own hands with Hayley, as well as solving one of Klaus's biggest witch problems. Naturally, the brotherly bickering has already begun, but that's why we love the original vampires, right?

This week's episode also has a much-anticipated hookup and a lot of bloodshed. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Davina's still in the attic. As we patiently wait for the imminent crossover episode with The Vampire Diaries, let's break down how the old TVD gang would react to what their buddies in New Orleans got into this week.

When The Originals Are Back to Their Old Selves

What can I say, I love seeing Elijah and Klaus back to their weird, old-timey ways. In this case, we have "vampire book club," because reading edifies the mind. Obviously. And then of course, there's Rebekah dragging the dead body out of the room in her minidress. Classic Mikaelsons!


When Klaus's Inner Monologue Is Reading Poetry

Speaking of Klaus's old-timey ways, everything about this is campy and weird and amazing. Plus, who exactly is Klaus's metaphorical foe? Elijah? Marcel? Everyone? You're right, it's probably everyone.

When Hayley Is Complaining

Hayley has always bugged me, but now she's downright whiny. It's particularly hard to have sympathy for her when she's complaining about living in a vampire house, especially since they're protecting her. You'd think she'd have learned her lesson about the repercussions of sleeping with vampires, but based on her meaningful glances with Elijah, maybe not.

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Every Scene With Davina

To be fair, Davina isn't in this episode that much, but all of her scenes are still pretty boring. Serious question though: why is she always all dressed up with literally nowhere to go? You'd think that attic life would mean all sweatpants all the time.

When Klaus Says He Doesn't Care About Witch Politics

Thank you, Klaus, for saying what's been on all of our minds for basically forever. Klaus is in his truest form this week: we're talking barking orders at people, full-on crazy eyes, and threatening things that are worse than death. You can't blame him; I'd be pretty angry too if everyone in town kept referring to my unborn child as a demon baby.

Every Time Rebekah Mentions Leaving Town

Poor Rebekah. Even after thousands of years, her brothers still know her better than she knows herself. She's always making bold statements about being free and being on her own, but deep down she really just wants a guy to take care of her. Which brings us to . . .

When Marcel and Rebekah Finally Hook Up

It's been six episodes and nobody has really gotten any on this show; thankfully, Marcel and Rebekah's sexual tension hits a fever pitch, and they have a hot vampire hookup that would make even Damon and Elena jealous. It's hard to root for them when they seem so doomed, but I'm going to enjoy their cute coupledom while it lasts.

When Elijah Rips Out Two Hearts in Rapid Succession

Can we talk about how amazing Elijah is in this episode? Not only does he take control of the Hayley situation like a boss, but then he completely dupes Sophie and goes on a murderous rage. Is it gross? Yup. Did I love it? Absolutely.

When Klaus Gets Teary-Eyed Over Cami

When Klaus reveals the truth about Cami's brother, she goes into full melodrama mode, which includes slapping Klaus in the face and throwing down lines like "You're gonna wish you never laid eyes on me." It makes sense that Cami's traumatized, but what I don't understand is why Klaus cares so much. Sure, he and Cami had that one night together at the masquerade ball, but this is Klaus we're talking about.

When Marcel Shows Up at Hayley's Door

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for things to get more intense with Hayley — that is, I'm ready for her werewolf friend to be exposed and/or ready for Tyler to return to get revenge on Klaus (you just know there's going to be some Tyler/Hayley stuff on the horizon). Whatever Marcel has in store, bring it on.

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