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The Originals Recap of "Tangled Up in Blue"

How The Vampire Diaries Gang Would React to The Originals Episode 3

The Originals continued this week as our new favorite New Orleans residents attend a local masquerade ball, and someone gets pitchforked half to death. It's no one we really care about, but still. The show's third episode finds Klaus plotting his quest for domination over Marcel, Elijah is still locked up with the mysterious Davina, and bartender Cami is caught between two vampires. The big question is, what would Damon, Elena, and Stefan think of all this?

The episode doesn't give us much in the way of plot development, but the party is cool (so much confetti!), and we get to find out what The Garden is. (Hint: it's the place where vampires get buried with only their heads uncovered for years as punishment for extreme code violations.) Let's go over all the highlights with GIFs from TVD!

When Klaus Declares Plan B Is "War"

Klaus is perhaps one of the best schemers I've ever seen. The guy makes flawless plans. In this case, he's attempting to systematically break down Marcel's crew, but if all else fails, he's cool with just going into straight-up battle, too.


When Klaus Repeatedly Pitchforks His Prisoner

Come on, man! Is that type of brutality really necessary? Remind me never to take vervain if it means I might be drained of all my blood by being stabbed over and over with a pitchfork. Did you see how Klaus sticks it, then twists it? Gross.

When Thierry Stakes His Fellow Vampire

Young love is cut short when Marcel's right-hand man stakes his night-walking peer. The guy tries to bite Thierry's witchy girlfriend, so what is he supposed to do? Honestly . . . not that. Anything but that.

Get the rest after the jump.

When Marcel Grabs Thierry By the Neck

Alright, so Thierry is in love with a girl and her life is threatened. He broke the rules just the same! You mess with the bull, you're gonna get the horns, my friend. I love Marcel's response: "Dammit T, how long have we been friends? 70 years?" One hundred years in The Garden for Thierry. Keep your chin up, man! (See what I did there?)

Watching the Sexual Tension Between Klaus and Cami

We already know Klaus has a thing for blondes, and I, for one, am really enjoying watching this forbidden romance blossom. Cami and Klaus are clearly meant for one another (for the time being, anyway), so let's see how many episodes it takes for those stares to turn into full-on make-out sessions — and for Marcel to find out.

When Davina Starts Sketching Angrily

Seriously, what is she doing? We're supposed to be in awe of her mysterious powers, but all I could think while watching her doodle is that her plotline is really dumb so far.

When Klaus Snaps Katie's Neck

Klaus is playing all the angles with Marcel. Just when things are getting sticky out in the street, he swoops in and takes the vengeful Katie down. I felt bad for the heartbroken Thierry, but did he really see this vampire/witch romance turning out well?

When Rebekah Tells Klaus He Disgusts Her

I'm on Rebekah's side here; Klaus really is being pretty reckless. He better shape up and start thinking about his kid instead of taking over New Orleans.

When Hayley Lets the Witch Mess With Her Baby

I don't care if she is Hayley's friend, you don't just let random people go on forecasting the sex of your baby, especially when you live in a city overrun by evil! Though to be fair, it sounds like the evil might be residing in Hayley's belly.

What did you think of this week's episode?

Image Source: The CW
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