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Orphan Black Season 2 Premiere Date

Orphan Black Season 2: Check Out the Teaser and Premiere Date!

With the announcement of the premiere date and the release of the first teaser for season two of Orphan Black, it looks like we might get answers to the questions that the end of the totally insane first season left us with. Where's Kira? Can Mrs. S be trusted? Are there even more clones we have yet to meet? The official description of the second season has us preparing for an all-out clone war: "Season two of the series hits the ground running with Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) in a desperate race to find her missing daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler). Her scorched-earth tactics spark a war with pro-clone Rachel (Maslany), dividing and imperiling all the clones. As Sarah discovers more about her past, mysterious newcomers appear, but can they be trusted?"

One thing's for sure: Maslany is sure to wow us yet again with her incredible portrayal of six characters (and counting). The new season is coming our way April 19, and you can watch the teaser now!

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