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Oscar Ballot 2012 Giveaway

2012 Oscar Ballot

Current leaders

  1. TCZMom (16 correct)
  2. melg (15 correct)
  3. SU3 (15 correct)
  4. ann4 (15 correct)
  5. maggiemay-1st (15 correct)
  6. tue45892 (15 correct)
  7. jerryg (15 correct)
  8. cre8verica (15 correct)
  9. wag90girl (15 correct)
  10. AVRojas68 (15 correct)

It's Oscar season on the PopSugar Network, and that means it's time for you to pick the winners for a chance to win an iPad and a gorgeous Prada case! Start making your Oscar winner picks and the person who predicts the highest number of Oscar winners will take home the grand prize.

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2. Make your Oscar predictions below. You have until noon PST on Feb. 26 to enter — so start predicting your winners now! Check out the official rules here.

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