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Oscar Ballot Contest 2013

2013 Oscar Ballot

Fill out your predictions for the Oscars and submit your ballot. Keep your fingers crossed on Feb. 24 because if you predict the highest number of Oscar winners, you could be the lucky winner of $1,000 and an iPad! Click here for the official rules.

Join The Conversation
Neha8072465 Neha8072465 4 years
Devamma Devamma 4 years
Can someone let me know how to change my answers??
letisha14 letisha14 4 years
Why can't I change my answers?
ErinJensen ErinJensen 4 years
How do I change some of my answers? The email said I could but I don't understand how.
Cornelius8060309 Cornelius8060309 4 years
denzel is a great actor i hope this is correct
steplyk steplyk 4 years
skipster27 skipster27 4 years
I hope I got them right!!
bundy bundy 4 years
Excited for Oscars; always a few that could go several ways; hoping for some upsets. Thanks for the chance!
peggyo18 peggyo18 4 years
Hope I picked correctly!
keshaa keshaa 4 years
i bet i got all off them wrong :P
sottovoce sottovoce 4 years
So many good choices...they all deserve to win. :-)
Twipey Twipey 4 years
Hope my picks are right! Good luck everyone!
miszmasz miszmasz 4 years
Good Luck!
Noggysnotes Noggysnotes 4 years
Oscar night everyone is going to be on pins and needles because no one is a lock this year. Looking forward to all the fashions on the Red Carpet and all the unexpected responses. Good Luck everyone and have a great weekend of movie watching.
RustysR RustysR 4 years
There were some excellent movies this year; enjoyed making my choices of winners.
Vincent2357756 Vincent2357756 4 years
Wish me luck and to all.
lulupitty99 lulupitty99 4 years
mullylin33 mullylin33 4 years
Tough choices to make, went a little against myself, so many really good choices.
wrightme08 wrightme08 4 years
looking forward to some amazing wins! I am hoping for a surprise here or there too....
keshaa keshaa 4 years
i bet i didint win
keshaa keshaa 4 years
im so nervous! for ages i have been looking for a website like this now i have finally found it! i cross my fingers!!!! i just hope i win!! my heart is beating so loud ...
RebaFan RebaFan 4 years
Can't wait for the Oscars:)
gmlee gmlee 4 years
Did voting already close?
kristen8886 kristen8886 4 years
Hope I WIN!!!
MendyM MendyM 4 years
I can't wait to see who wins!
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