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Oscar Movie Preview: No End in Sight for Best Documentary

As part of my coverage of this year's Oscars, I'll be posting the trailers for as many of the Best Documentary and Best Foreign Film nominees as I can find. Since it's often harder to see these films in theaters, it's nice to at least get a taste of them before Oscar night — not to mention that it might help you when you fill out your Oscar ballot.

As I've mentioned, four of this year's five Best Documentary nominees — all but Michael Moore's Sicko — deal with war in one way or another. No End in Sight takes a very direct approach, investigating the reasons behind the US government's invasion of Iraq and the war's subsequent effects on the country. Filmmaker Charles Ferguson interviewed several high-ranking officials and ambassadors in his effort to piece together what caused Iraq's descent into chaos, creating both this film and a related book from the information he uncovered. Interestingly, Alex Gibney, whose own Taxi to the Dark Side is also nominated, served as this film's executive producer. Good year for him!

The film looks to be a very methodical dissection of what happened in the leadup to war, letting the decisions and outcomes speak for themselves. It's available on DVD now, and you can watch the trailer and a clip from the film if you


Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

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snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
I thought this documentary was fantastic! The only thing is...I kept thinking, "this isn't objective, this can't be objective...but it seems so objective..." because it left you with such a sense of how much the administration effed up Iraq. I'm not saying documentaries have to objective to be great, it was just a little alarming! My boyfriend and I finished it, and we were just like, "it doesn't make sense, it's like they would have to PURPOSELY be trying to screw the situation up." Shortly after watching the film I read an article (can't remember where) that hypothesized that Bush actually did want the war to be undertaken in a way that would leave Iraq without any stability so that we could set up a US presence in Iraq's new government and have control over the oil. That is why we are building such nice military bases over there. Anyway, I agree that the documentary was good because it told you what you should already know, but probably don't because it happened over the course of so many years, in a way that as julie said was not overly complex or over simplified!
julie090583 julie090583 9 years
I thought this documentary was GREAT- not at all boring, it's very well done and not overly complex OR overly simplified. It's really damning for the Bush administration. I wish everyone would see it.
foxie foxie 9 years
Voices of Iraq and Uncle Saddam are the best documentaries about Iraq that I've seen.
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