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Movie Preview: Natalie Portman Is The Other Woman

It's a big time for Natalie Portman, personally and professionally; she just announced her pregnancy and engagement, and she's currently racking up acting nominations for her starring role in Black Swan. My fascination with her is at an all-time high, which makes watching her in her latest trailer all the more compelling. In The Other Woman, she plays Emilia, a woman who falls for her married boss. When he leaves his wife (Lisa Kudrow) for her, the couple is deliriously happy and have a baby together, and we get to see a uniquely sympathetic side to a common story.

Unfortunately, it's no modern happily-ever-after — tragedy strikes and the new stepmom must deal with her new life and the choices she's made. Portman is well-equipped to play a beautiful but flawed young woman (especially after she nailed the harrowing part in Black Swan), and The Other Woman makes good use of her ample talent. The film goes wide on Feb. 4 and will be available on demand on Jan. 1, but you can watch the preview when you


Dionathanpc Dionathanpc 6 years
I agree with lizlee89!
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
It looks like a very compelling movie, however I'm tired of Hollywood and entertainers acting like marriage is a joke that can be tossed away and taken up with no thought. Adultery is always wrong; I don't care if you're "in love" or what; people need to stop always thinking about themselves and consider how their actions affect others. Hopefully this movie will not try to act like cheating is this normal thing that is not a big deal...
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