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PaleyFest: Mad Men and X-Files Close Out the Week

The Paley Festival has officially wrapped up its two-week stand in Los Angeles, closing out its run with panels featuring the creators of The X-Files and the cast and creative team behind Mad Men. While I'm sorry I couldn't be there for myself, at least there are video highlights to share!

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson didn't attend Wednesday night's X-Files panel, but that doesn't mean there wasn't scoop to be had about the upcoming movie. A new trailer premiered during the panel, but it's since been pulled down from YouTube (come on, Fox, please?). E! has interviews with producers Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz. The Futon Critic has a liveblog of the event, and The Hollywood Reporter has its own account. A couple of tidbits:

  • The movie doesn't have a title yet — or rather, Carter knows what he wants to call it, but whether that becomes the official title is still in Fox's hands.
  • The producers just kind of figured out the show's mythology as they went along. The movie, meanwhile, will be more "monster of the week," less aliens.
  • The issue of whether Scully's baby is normal "will not go unconsidered" in the movie.

For a video clip and some of the highlights from Mad Men, just


Mad Men closed out the festival on Thursday, and The Futon Critic gamely produced yet another liveblog. The Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, wrote that the panelists seemed giddy about their success. Even the show's creator seemed a bit taken aback by all the praise his series has received. Some highlights:

  • Try as I might, I can't get used to seeing Jon Hamm anything less than completely clean-shaven. He proudly said (as you can see in the video below) that his show's not a guilty pleasure; it's just a pleasure, period.
  • The biggest spoiler that show creator Matthew Weiner was willing to reveal about the second season: "It's still in the 60s." Heh.
  • Weiner also talked a lot about how some of the magic in the show lies not in revealing things but in intentionally not revealing them — whether secrets or cleavage.

Here are videos from the panels:

The X-Files:

Mad Men:

Photos and videos courtesy of The Paley Center

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