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Paranormal Activity 3 Fan Reaction

Buzz Blabber: Paranormal Activity 3 Disappoints Horror Fans

With Halloween around the corner, you guys got to talking about scary movies and Halloween-themed episodes this week. Many of you sounded off about Paranormal Activity 3 and how it failed to meet your expectations, while others weighed in on The Office's annual Halloween episode. See what readers had to say about the holiday appropriate entertainment options, plus this week's other buzzy topics.

Fans of the Paranormal Activity franchise blast the latest movie

  • "They jumped the shark on this one. They had enough background information from the previous two movies to come up with something scary and it seemed like that was what they were doing based on the trailer. Unfortunately, there were no scenes from the trailer included in the movie. . . a bit of false advertising!" — Mcw1173
  • "Just finished the movie and I hated it! The first two were not great either, but by the trailers I thought this one would be different. I guess I was wrong! The ending was horrible and it was an overall bad movie. If I could have a word with the writers I would. So disappointed." — iMm0rT4L 3y3z
  • "I think people seriously do not have a clue as to what scary is. Nothing real or the least bit frightening in any of these movies or TV shows like the ones where they are supposed to encounter unexplained happenings. It is all just plain boring. I'll save my money for an interesting movie." — Asfandancer

See what else got you talking when you keep reading.

The Office's Halloween episode drew mixed reactions

  • "I actually thought this was the BEST episode in ages. Reminded me of when the show was in top form. I loved all of the costumes (a little disappointed with Jim's, seeing as his previous ones have been so awesomely original) and I laughed out loud a lot (especially at Kevin and the mummies). If the writers don't drop the ball, the Andy/Erin will-they-won't-they could echo early Jim/Pam and keep people watching." — ChelMarie
  • "I didn't like this episode...nothing laugh out loud. I'm missing Michael Scott. He brought a little zaniness to the show." — dreamalittledream
  • "I thought this was a great episode. Pretty surprised that Andy has a serious girlfriend and I loved Robert California's speech at the end. I also really love Kelly & Ryan, so seeing him kiss her head was the sweetest thing." — popculture whore

Once Upon a Time viewers think its days are numbered

  • "I do like the cast a lot, but I'm not seeing how it can last much longer than a season. Although, I've felt like that about other shows and they can surprise me. I also have the same feeling about American Horror Story. I guess we'll see!" — planetkate
  • "I was really looking forward to the show, but it wasn't nearly as compelling as the trailers for it. I'll tune in again though because I want to see it succeed, but I wonder how long it will last. Let's cross our fingers since Ginnifer Goodwin really needs a good new show now that her HBO stint is done with." — ilanac13
  • "I watched it. I loved The Tenth Kingdom and fairy tale kind of shows and movies, but this one was uneventful. I think it needs to develop a little more to keep me hooked but I will give it a few more weeks." — lekatv

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