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Paranormal Activity 3 Fan Reviews

Film Forum: Tell Us What You Thought of Paranormal Activity 3

Audiences flocked to the theaters over the weekend to be the first to see Paranormal Activity 3. But did the third film in the franchise tempt you with its spooky premise, or were you more inclined to find how the three heroes fared in the latest take on The Three Musketeers? Perhaps you decided to go with an older release, like The Ides of March or Footloose? Whatever movie you saw, we'd like to hear which movie got you to theaters this weekend in the comments!

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leandra621 leandra621 5 years
this was THE WORST movie I have EVER seen in my ENTIRE life! horrible. I want my money back. everyone involved in this movie should be beaten and exiled. forever. i would have been more entertained watching my dog take a dump.
iMm0rT4L-3y3z iMm0rT4L-3y3z 5 years
Just finished the movie and i hated it!!! the first to were not great either.but by the trailers i thought this one would be different but i guess i was wrong! the ending was horrible and it was an overall bad movie. if i could have a word with the writers i would,so dissapoined
Mcw1173 Mcw1173 5 years
They jumped the shark on this one. They had enough background info from the previous 2 movies to come up wit something scary and it seemed like that was what they were doing based on the trailer. Unfortunately, there were no scenes from the trailer included in the movie...a bit of false advertising!!!
Asfandancer Asfandancer 5 years
I think people seriously do not have a clue as to what scary is. Nothing real or the least bit frightening in any of these movies or TV shows like the ones where they are suppost to encounter unexplained happenings it is all just plain boring. I'll save my money for an interesting movie.
cocoriss cocoriss 5 years
A lot of scenes from the tailors were removed. The two girls playing bloody Mary, the knocking game w/the mirrored closet, the Ghost reader getting his head slammed and the house setting fire. I didn't like the ending at all, I think if they went with the whole escaping the house would have been better.
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