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Parenthood Recap of Episode "New Plan"

OnSugar TV Recap: Parenthood Episode "New Plan"

The following recap of Parenthood was contributed by community member gtettey, who posted it on the OnSugar blog Screen Time.

We open this week's episode with Crosby rehashing his dalliance in an empty house to an unidentified woman. He seems to be making new plans in the wake of Jasmine's decision last week. Crosby isn't the only one making possibly questionable plans. It's prom and Adam is worried that Haddie's after-prom plans may include sex. Sarah is working hard to become a playwright and is forced to make a choice when it comes to her work. Amber makes some choices about college and her future. While everyone else is making life-changing decisions, Julia is left to deal with one that was dealt to her.

  • All Crosby wants is to get his family back. His indiscretion is still haunting him with Jasmine gone and troubles with Adam. Looking for someone to talk to and trying to find a way to get Jasmine back, Crosby recounts the story to a real estate agent. After seeing the house, Crosby goes to Adam with his new plan. However, Adam is still pissed and kicks him out. Adam needs to let it go. He and Kristina can be so self-righteous. It's really annoying. Clearly, Crosby knows that what he did was wrong and takes full responsibility for it. He didn't mean for it to happen. I also hate how they blame it all on Crosby and act like Gabby was the victim. That is not the case, but that's a post for another day. At the end of the day, they are family and Adam just needs to forgive him. In an attempt to be diplomatic, Sarah argues this point to Adam and urges him to be there for Crosby and look at the house because he's in pain. As the rest of the Braverman siblings take a look at the house, Crosby admits that he hastily and stupidly bought the house (not the pretty cottage-style house, but the shanty across the street) as a grand gesture. He can't back out now because he sold the house boat to do it. I'm going to miss that little boat. In the end, Adam shows up telling him that it was a grown up thing to do and agrees to help him fix up the house.

To get the rest of the entry, just keep reading.

  • Crosby drama aside, Adam is freaking out about Haddie going to the prom, a milestone that he thought they overstepped because of Haddie's older boyfriend, Alex. Like most parents, he's worried that they will be cliche and have sex on prom night, like he did. Kristina gives Adam a run for his money with her embarrassing inappropriateness at the store. If you don't have the most open relationship with your daughter or, say, she just moved back into your house (and not because she's coming back from college), it may not be the best idea to ask whether she's talking about having sex with her boyfriend while prom dress shopping! Alas, prom night arrives and the couple heads off for the dance. I might be a geek, but I got a little nostalgic. You too? Great! Glad, I'm not alone. I'm just glad my pre-prom wasn't a big hoopla like that. Looks like Adam was right because Kristina's question got Haddie thinking, and deciding, that maybe tonight is the night. How cute is Alex? He tells her that they'll know when it's right and she shouldn't feel pressured. Well, it didn't take long because by the end of the night they're back at his apartment and heading inside for their cliche "first night." Adam's still freaking out at home when Haddie walks in with three minutes to spare for curfew. Was it just me or did she look like something may have gone wrong or not like she planned when she walked up the stairs? After giving them a quick 30 second rundown of the night, Haddie goes to her room and smiles before going to bed. (Sidenote: Is Haddie a junior? Why isn't she dealing with all this college application/acceptance stuff like Amber?)
  • Sarah is still working on her play with Zeek's old war buddy. She goes to get more paper from a broken-armed Julia, more on that later, when, oops, Julia accidentally tells Sarah about Amber not getting into Berkeley. Trying to get her to focus on finishing her draft for a possible reading, Gilliam Blount tells Sarah she needs to put herself first. This proves to be hard for Sarah to actually put in action when Crosby comes seeking advice about Jasmine and Adam and Amber decides to go to prom and comes home a little too early. Finally, she sits down at the end of the night and cracks the whip on her work.
  • Julia claims she is fine with the news about her scarred uterus when she breaks the news to Sarah. She's choosing to focus on the family she already has with Joel and Sydney. To deal with the pain she's really feeling about her situation, Julia starts planning some one-on-one time with Sydney starting with ice skating. Hello, broken arm. One broken bone doesn't stop her from planning some more fun activities with her daughter like going to the zoo, learning French, and golfing. However, Sydney isn't into all the personal time and lets her feelings be known (no surprise there. That girl's got attitude.). Julia's overcompensating and feelings finally become too much to handle and she breaks down, leaning on her mom and Joel.
  • Amber finally has the conversation with Sarah about not getting into Berkeley, which they move on from surprisingly quickly in the scene. But besides college acceptance, there is another high school milestone going on: prom. Haddie and Alex convince her to accompany them to the dance on a blind date, nonetheless. For being the anti-cool, cool girl, she gave in rather quickly. While at the dance she runs into her old SAT study partner, Kelsey (Remember her? The weed-smoking, drunk girl who wouldn't get out of the pool). After Kelsey tells her she's going to Yale and asks where Amber will be going and saying how smart Amber is, she blurts out that she's not going anywhere because she didn't get in anywhere she applied. Awkward! How's that for a prom memory? Understandably upset, Amber ditches the prom and goes home. When a concerned Sarah asks if she's OK, Amber goes into a tirade about living life how she wants to now and making her own choices because Sarah's didn't work out for her. Don't get me wrong, I like Amber, but she is her mother's daughter. They really have a knack for being a tad melodramatic.

With Adam finally forgiving Crosby, do you think his grand gesture and remorse will be enough to get Jasmine back? We all know that Alex is in AA and has to be careful being in a relationship so early. How do you think this could affect him? Amber's decision to make her own choices seems like it's going to send her back a few steps. Looks like she's going to be spending more time with Gary (Cappie from Greek). Is he a bad influence on her? Do you think she'll spiral out of control or come to her senses pretty soon? With only two more episodes left in the season, how do you think they'll end it? Let me know your predictions below.


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darcicomplex darcicomplex 6 years
A good episode about coming first I thought some of the scenes between Amber and Sarah were overdone, as they really induced uncomfortable cringes....but then after I re-watched the episode, I realized that that's how things really feel when you're at that age, and I expressed my frustration the same way. It was heartfelt and real, even if it was overdramatic. A great example is at the end, when Amber finally tells Sarah that she isn't going to go to college and the whole good student thing was just living her life to do what she thought Sarah wanted. (scene is at ). Also, so glad to hear that they used another Junip song ("Loops") during that scene..they've played them a lot this season, and something about the band's soothing sound is perfect for really emotional scenes like that.
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