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Parenthood Season Finale Recap

Are You Satisfied With the Parenthood Season Finale?

The second season of Parenthood comes to a close this week, with an episode that managed to make me cry more than once. Following Amber's horrific alcohol-induced car crash, the whole family bands together at the hospital for Sarah and Drew. The opening scenes are realistically gut-wrenching, right down to Max's ill-timed outburst in the waiting room. I've gotta hand it to the writers once again: they've really done a great job handling Max's Asperger's and making the audience really understand the frustration that Adam has been feeling throughout the first two seasons.

The episode packs in so many of those touching moments that make the show so great: Max's apology to Sarah, Sarah and Amber's moment at her play, watching Adam's anger turn to joy after hearing Christina's big news. It was an hour of ups and downs, but the episode nicely tied up a few loose ends while setting up plenty of fresh storylines for next season (I'm also pretty happy we don't have to deal with any more of Adam's boring drama at the sneaker headquarters). Bottom line: I thought this was a great season finale, and I'll be wholeheartedly bummed if Parenthood doesn't get picked up for Fall. What are your thoughts? Did you think Crosby and Jasmine's happy ending was a little unrealistic? Did the episode leave you wanting more? Were you happy with the season finale?

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