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The Injustice: Parks and Rec Shelved Until Midseason

The following post was submitted by Shannoninsf to Pawnee Citizens: The Parks and Recreation Fan Group in the Buzz Community.

Let me make myself clear: I am a TV addict and pop culture junkie and thus love trying out new TV shows. I was even looking forward to this coming Fall's new crop of comedies and dramas . . . until I heard NBC's plans for the Thursday night comedy block. To help new show Outsourced succeed, Parks and Recreation has been shoved to midseason! I had one reaction to this news about my current favorite show, the show that makes me look forward to Thursday nights: blind rage.

Why couldn't they have moved The Office? Or struggling show Community? Since P&R finally got much better in its second season, I'm worried that it may lose momentum if it's not coming back until next January. I understand that this is a move to help one comedy— but why potentially hurt another? Another that I think is the strongest of NBC's Thursday night shows? Anyway, I'll be appreciating each episode until the season finale a whole lot more now that I know I'll have to do without it for so long. Are you guys as irritated as I am?


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pharm_chick pharm_chick 7 years
i agree that i think the office is struggling! its just not what it was.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
I think I am one of the only people that don't like Parks and Rec or 30 Rock. I just don't find them funny. Community is a great show. The Office is the one that is struggling, but I still watch.
christielynn_ christielynn_ 7 years
booo! i love parks and rec and it's my fave of the thursday lineup (haven't gotten on the community bandwagon yet). but if it gives amy p much needed prego time, i guess i'll be patient!
emms emms 7 years
Why are you throwing Community under the bus? It's brilliant and not struggling. Parks and Rec is great, it will survive this.
drea12576 drea12576 7 years
Maybe now Adam Scott will be able to do another season of Party Down. That's the show I look most forward to. It is perfection.
LulaMelissa LulaMelissa 7 years
I'm really upset too! This has become my new favorite show to watch love Leslie and Tom... Oh and I wanna see April and Andy together already!
crystalvillage06 crystalvillage06 7 years
I think the 2 hour block is perfect as is! Also I agree with the other posters...I thought Community was doing well?
BubbleSpice BubbleSpice 7 years
I thought this was so Amy P. could have a nice maternity leave this time around.
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
Doesn't NBC realize the PERFECTION that is their Thursday night comedy block?! Hopefully no one watches this new show so we can have our P&R back.
doubleuendy doubleuendy 7 years
Community is definitely not struggling.
sugaNspice24 sugaNspice24 7 years
UGH!! Please say this isnt so! I wont be able to see Park and Rec until NEXT JANUARY!?! thats just craziness! sadface!
lolalu lolalu 7 years
well, its nbc. what do you expect?
silicapathways silicapathways 7 years
uh how is Community struggling? Everyone and their mom loves that show and so do critics!
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