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Peter Kavinsky To All the Boys I've Loved Before GIFs

Let’s All Just Swoon Over These Sweet Peter Kavinsky Moments, K?

Peter Kavinsky To All the Boys I've Loved Before GIFs
Image Source: Netflix

One second I felt like a normal, functioning human being, and the next, I found myself watching To All the Boys I've Loved Before for the second time in as many days. The new Netflix adaptation of Jenny Han's YA novel has fans losing their minds, and for good reason. It's a sweet story about Lara Jean, a high school student whose deepest, most romantic secrets get exposed after her love letters written to former crushes unexpectedly make their way into said crushes' hands. One of those crushes is Peter Kavinsky. And all I can say is ohmygod, Peter Kavinsky. If I was 14, I'd probably be doodling "Laura Kavinsky" in a notebook right now, but instead I'm doing the totally normal adult version of that crush-y behavior and seeking out Peter Kavinsky GIFs "for work."

Played by 22-year-old actor Noah Centineo, Peter Kavinsky is as dreamy as it gets. Why so lovable? Well, you'll have to watch the movie to fully grasp his charming, swoon-worthy perfection, but behold just a few of the many reasons Peter Kavinsky can get it. (Sorry. It's just true.)

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