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Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Emilia Clarke Graham Norton Video

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's NSFW Story Was So Hilarious, Emilia Clarke Completely Lost It

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, TV genius and feminist droid extraordinaire, sat down on The Graham Norton Show last year alongside Emilia Clarke, David Tennant, and Gloria Estefan for a routine talk show appearance, but the hilariously dirty story she ended up telling is worth watching over, and over, and over again, no matter how old it is. (To be fair, the British series just released the clip to make up for going on hiatus for the holidays.) In between fits of giggles, Waller-Bridge recounts pulling an NSFW prank on her costar while appearing in the play Hay Fever, and her tale was enough to send Clarke into hysterics.

"I was doing Hay Fever, and it was a three-month run, and there's one moment . . . when I'm offstage with this other actor Sam, and one of the other actors, Freddie Fox, would storm across the stage, open this door, and we'd be standing behind the door, masked from the audience, and he'd go [gasps], and then run back onto the stage," the Fleabag star explained. "So, we always used to do something kind of quirky behind the door to make him laugh."

What kind of quirky things did they get up to, you might be wondering? Well, in addition to dressing up in giant hot dog costumes and kissing each other, Waller-Bridge was convinced by her costar to pull down her "huge pink skirt" on the last night and surprise Fox by showing her literal assh*le as "a big finish" to their tradition. Not only does Clarke completely lose it upon hearing the story — Estefan, we must note, seems a little perturbed — but the story of how Waller-Bridge's Hay Fever costar reacted to her naked bit is pretty damn perfect.

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