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Photos of Matthew Morrison in Vogue

Who Is the Hottest Guy on Glee?

The following post is from braddybradshaw, who submitted it to the Glee Club in the Buzz Community.

I've been having a heated debate with my friends, and I'm hoping you can help me out. After these photos of Matthew Morrison in Vogue just surfaced, I've been seeing Mr. Schue in a whole new light (Who knew he was hiding that six-pack underneath those vests? Rawr!).

Even so, I have a hard time seeing Morrison as a "sex symbol" per se, because I just can't get the image of him singing "The Thong Song" out my head. So, I've been trying to decide who I do think is the hottest Glee guy. Finn is adorable in that awkward, oh-shucks sort of way, while Puck has the bad boy appeal — and ever since he shaved off his mohawk, I like his look even more. As for the other guys, my friend S. admitted that she's found Artie cute in the past, but that last night, Jesse St. James looked better than ever.

Who to choose? Tell me your pick!

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