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lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
Five [More] Reasons to Start (or Keep) Watching Community: 1. It’s frickin hilarious! It’s also refreshingly different that anything else on tv, as well as so very satisfyingly smart and witty. 2. Danny Pudi’s as Abed every episode is one of the funniest, most compelling and convincing feats of acting on television right now. He rivals amazing performances like Michael C. Hall as Dexter and Toni Collette on United States of Tara. Plus, he, as well as his chemistry with Danny Glover as Troy, is adorable. 3. Joel McHale is not only fantastic but surprisingly yoked for a guy who makes fun of the kind of actors who would be all muscular. All that is kind of hot. 4. It’s a great cast of actresses! If you want to see confident, talented women being super funny, watch this show. 5. The show draws on clichés, archetypes, and allusions to bring a wonderfully unique kind of situational comedy. If you love pop culture used in an intelligent way, great acting, and comedy that doesn’t involve Charlie Sheen being a womanizer, you will love this show.
bellakaoru bellakaoru 7 years
Seen every episode, seriously funny show. I can see how Jeff's snarkiness may be off-putting to some, but I love it. And Troy and Abed are HILARIOUS!
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