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Photos and Video From New ABC Show Body of Proof, Starring Dana Delaney

Pilot Scoop: Body of Proof

More Fall TV coming at you! I know it's difficult to keep track of all the new shows on the horizon (download my calendar if you need some help), but the season premieres are almost here. Figure out which programs you're going to watch using my pilot scoops, and then check out my latest entry: ABC's Body of Proof.

What it's about: Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney) is a former neurosurgeon who was forced to quit her job after a serious car accident. She now serves as a medical examiner, relying on her keen observation to examine the bodies of the deceased to find out how they died. Using her talents, she teams up with detectives Bud Morris (John Carroll Lynch) and Samantha Baker (Sonja Sohn) to solve local murders, though Hunt's strong-will is a constant source of conflict.

Where it works: The show almost resembles a female version of House from the intricate medical mystery to Hunt's very House-like epiphany. It's kind of intriguing to watch it unfold, but I'm more interested in Hunt's home life. We get a quick glimpse at her inability to connect with her teenage daughter, which should eventually give her more dimension than the frosty, workaholic stereotype.


Where it doesn't: Hunt's medical conclusions often feel like a stretch, even for someone of her brilliance. The show could benefit from keeping the cases a tad simpler and really taking the time to connect the dots.

Am I hooked? I'll probably stick with House for my procedural drama fix, but Hunt could make for an interesting character once they give her more than one note to play.

When is it on? Body of Proof premieres on Friday, Sept. 24 at 9 p.m.

To see more photos and a preview clip just







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