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Are the Judges to Blame For Pia's Elimination on American Idol?

The majority of you were shocked and outraged at Pia Toscano's early exit from American Idol this week, so what went wrong? Though it's up to America to vote for their favorite, many of you suggest that the new panel of judges are to blame. Without Simon, there's not nearly as much negative feedback this season, which could mean that the voters don't have enough direction for voting. Plus, if the judges had refrained from using the save so early in the season, it certainly seems like Pia would have been spared this week. Check out a few of the arguments from Buzz readers below, then tell us — are the judges to blame for Pia's elimination?

  • "We arrive here today because of the judging cowardice displayed by giving the only save to Casey. The judges, particularly the newest, did not want the pressure of 'Who to save?' looming over them. The result was shameful. No doubt, the entire judging/voting process needs to be overhauled faster than our sinking economy."
  • "If the judges liked her, they should not have continued telling her to sing other songs besides ballads, to move more on stage, etc., because that consistently points out her flaws and makes voters see her in a negative manner even though the judges said that they liked her and were trying to make her better."
  • "Maybe if this year's panel of judges could muster something besides sweet emotions and actually be critical of the performances when its called for Pia's journey wouldn't have ended so soon. Yes, America gets it wrong at least once every year. But hearing the same 'that was beautiful' and 'you blew me away' after every song does nothing to distinguish the truly special singers from the rest of the pack. Bring Simon back!"

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gd101 gd101 6 years
She's getting a recording contract so who cares? It's America's fault for not voting and just assuming she was safe.
scarlettruby scarlettruby 6 years
Seriously, it upsets me that they are blaming the audience. They are good judges but when it comes to critiquing everyone gets the same fluffy critique. This season the judges did an excellent job of choosing the finalist - all are talented but we know who is better. In past seasons the judges made is clear who the favorites were and if the performance was not as good or up to the par of other contestants - they told the contestant. Which leaves the viewers to vote for the person whose performance they enjoyed that evening. This season each idol has been told they are "in it to win it". The judges need to start judging and guiding the viewers if they want the viewers to vote with them. I love the current judges but wish one of them had a little more Simon in them.
limelindsey limelindsey 6 years
I think it was a little bit of the judges fault. I don't watch all that often, but I did watch during Elton John week and noticed that none of the judges had notes for the contestants. Every single person was told they were fantastic and wonderful - even though I heard flat notes and poor enunciation from several contestants. It's not a popularity contest for the judges! I know they want everyone to love them, but to what end?
care0531 care0531 6 years
I have felt they should change the voting system for a long time. Limit the number of calls like DWTS or have America decide the bottom 3 but let the Judges pick one of those 3 to go home. They do something like that on SYTYCD and Nigel is the producer for AI and SYTYCD!
care0531 care0531 6 years
The Judges are not to blame at all. We have seen the same thing happen in past seasons...a shocking elmination. I think teenagers and the unlimited amount of voting is to blame. All ages watch this show but only the young one will sit there and vote for hours for someone that they may not even think is that great of a singer but maybe they think he's cute. Think about it....Jordan Sparks was our last female winner and this season so far not one male has been eliminated.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
I don't think the judges are to blame. American idol has never been just about talent. People vote for their favorites not who has the most talent. You always hear Ryan say something like "Don't forget to vote for your favorite" not "Make sure you vote for the most talented". She got voted off because people liked some of the other singers more than her.
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