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You'd probably have to live under a rock to miss the drama that recently played out off the coast of Somalia. The nation has been riveted by news coverage of the American sea captain, Richard Phillips, who was captured and held hostage by Somali pirates. The brave captain was rescued by the United States Navy over the weekend, thus ending a dramatic real-life tale of piracy on the high seas.

It's a Hollywood ending! So, it's no surprise that Hollywood is capitalizing on this event already: Spike TV just greenlit a pilot for a documentary series titled Pirate Hunters: USN that "will focus on the U.S. Navy's antipiracy operations in the Gulf of Aden."

Apparently the Navy is going to "step up its role in combating piracy" and will allow television crews and producers aboard both the USS Boxer and the USS San Antonio to capture this hunt for pirates in the same area in which Captain Phillips' ordeal took place.

Wow, Spike TV wasted no time with that. Given the recent drama are you intrigued by this program? Or not so much?


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Allytta Allytta 8 years
i guess i do live under the rock (pirating happens in Pacific Ocean - more close to Japan or Korea all the time, so stop making such a big deal about it just because it happened to american ship).
emalove emalove 8 years
My husband will be all about watching that.
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