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Portishead's Third Hits the Internet, Makes Me Nostalgic

Portishead's Third Hits the Internet, Makes Me Nostalgic

Is it possible to be nostalgic for music that hasn't even been released yet? That's how I feel about Portishead, whose first album in more than a decade, Third, finally hits stores on Tuesday. Even just saying the name "Portishead" takes me back to a happy time in 1996, zoning out to Beth Gibbons' trippy vocals while writing feverishly in my journal about the trials and tribulations of high school.

The band performed live at Coachella on Saturday night, and while I would love to see the band live someday, I've been checking out the next best thing: tracks from Third that are now streaming online. If you just want to dabble, there are 30-second samples of all the songs up at Want more? The band's MySpace page has the full version of one track, "Machine Gun."

Want to check out the whole thing? I've got the tracks here, plus a vintage Portishead song that I'll probably always associate with watching MTV in my best friend's basement for hours at a time. Anyone else have some sweet Portishead memories? You can tell me about them when you



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JenniJams JenniJams 9 years
It's not cheesy at all. The great thing about Portishead is their music is timeless, really. Just as relevant now as when it first came out.
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
I still play Dummy religiously because it was such a part of my coming of age years. Cheesy sounding I know, but it's so true. So much happened in such a short amount of time and that album reminds me of the good, bad, ugly and in between.
JenniJams JenniJams 9 years
I have been listening to this album since I got it last week and I am just slightly disappointed. It's quite different from previous Portishead, but it's still pretty good. The opening track, Silence is still my favorite, but I'm still listewning to the album to see if anything else warms up a bit. My Portishead memories... :) They were part of my life soundtrack frequently in the 90's so I have a lot of memories. I remember going camping at Paleface with my group and having Portishead playing quietly in the background while we sat around the campsite after dark. Good times.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I went to Coachella yesterday! It was SOOOO AWESOME!!! I didn't see Portishead though. Flogging Molly put on one of the best shows Iv'e ever seen!!!!!
insidesusan insidesusan 9 years
I may have to go buy this CD. I know, I'm old fashioned, but after waiting 12 years for another album I think I need to hold it in my hands! I wasn't able to make it to coachella either, but I hope they decide to do a full tour in the near future.
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