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Positive Movie Review For The Karate Kid Starring Jaden Smith

AudreyBelle's Movie Review: The Karate Kid

The following post is from audreybelle, who posted it on her OnSugar blog Cosmic Rage.

Jaden Smith better get ready for the Oscars . . .

Yep, I think his acting in his latest film, The Karate Kid, was that good. For such a young age, Jaden was able express a wide range of emotions as Dre, the young boy who moves to China because his mother's job transfers her and is soon bullied by some of the other boys, and it was quite refreshing to see his growth throughout the movie. He does better job than actors 3 times his age and you can tell he has natural talent.

But it didn't stop with Jaden. The chemistry that he and co-star Jackie Chan shared jumped off the screen. Not only were their action scenes some of the best in the movie, but the dramatic moments they created were outstanding. I have to admit, I was very skeptical of Jaden in this role because he is very small for his age and looks younger than what he is, but his stature just makes you want to cheer him on even more. And with Chan's training, he is unstoppable.

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It's not just the acting that makes this such a fantastic movie. I admit the beginning had some dull moments, and I didnt personally like Taraji P. Henson as Dre's mom until halfway through the movie, but the music combined with the fast-paced action made me focus on the positive moments of the film. And believe me, you want to see it, because there are many.


Overall, The Karate Kid brought intensity like the original and the final scenes kept the crowd cheering. I even clapped at the end of the film and I DO NOT do that. Ever. So I think this one just may be a winner.

But y'all do know if should be called The Kung Fu Kid 'cause in the movie Jaden says it's not karate twice . . . I'm just saying. . .

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