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Buffy Could Come Back to the Big Screen — Sans Joss

With vampires all the rage these days, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone started talking about bringing Buffy the Vampire Slayer back to the big screen. But I'm still surprised at the thought that this movie-turned-TV show could get a total reboot with all-new characters and no Joss Whedon.

Here's the deal: Original Buffy movie director Fran Rubel Kuzui and her husband, Kaz Kuzui, have owned the rights to the Buffy story and characters since the beginning. They developed Whedon's movie script and helped him make the Buffy and Angel TV series. And now, they and Vertigo Entertainment are talking about a potential reboot or remake (but not prequel or sequel), as The Hollywood Reporter writes:

The new Buffy film, however, would have no connection to the TV series, nor would it use popular supporting characters like Angel, Willow, Xander or Spike. Vertigo and Kuzui are looking to restart the story line without trampling on the beloved existing universe created by Whedon. . . . One of the underlying ideas of Buffy allows Vertigo and Kuzui to do just that: that each generation has its own vampire slayer to protect it. The goal would be to make a darker, event-sized movie that would, of course, have franchise potential.

The article notes that while the producers haven't ruled out Whedon's involvement, they also haven't approached him yet.

So, what'll it be, Buffy fans? Is a Buffy story without Xander and the rest really a Buffy worth seeing? Or do you believe there's potential for an entirely new Buffy world that could take on a life of its own?


redgoblin redgoblin 7 years
I do not see why it is even necessary except to cash in on the whole vampire craze. Makes you just want to go watch Dr. Horrible again...
pouvoir pouvoir 7 years
The Buffy fans need to stop getting their panties all in a bunch. If this is gonna happen, it's gonna happen. Personally, I'm intrigued.
billyart101 billyart101 8 years
I'm totally on board. Buffy is an icon, and Icons were created to be reinvented as time goes on. She'll never be as legendary as Captain Kirk or Superman, if fans don't get the opportunity to become talented directors and writers and retell the story. We'll always have the original series, the comic books, the original film, and now we could have-potentially-an even better film and possibly sequels. It'll be so much fun if they get it right!
reesiecup reesiecup 8 years
it just wouldn't be the same :/
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
Maybe I'm the only person who actually liked the original buffy movie. It was super cheesy but it did have a soul of it's own in an early 90's teen movie sort of way. I also liked the TV show though I'll admit I'm not as crazed as some Buffy fans seems to be. I think it would be interesting to see yet another incarnation of this story. i mean good stories are up for mulitple tellign and can withstand many different visions. I thinkt hat the root of this story is strong and maybe they could even get BOTH Buffies to make appearances in the new film
buffybot buffybot 8 years
I dont know what to say about this. I dont agree with Fran and Kaz saying "they own the rights" to Buffy. Maybe they do technically but they know full well those characters and the whole mythology belongs to Joss and Joss alone. I dont altogether have a problem with a different slayer within the Buffyverse set at a different time but without Joss it wont be the Buffyverse because thats all him. I dont think a generic vampire slayer movie is a bad idea either (obviously i love vampire movies) but will it live up to Buffy? Of course not.
Beauty Beauty 8 years
No Joss, no Bella approval. Simple as that!
Aurora-87 Aurora-87 8 years
This is a bad idea. No Joss, no Sarah, no movie. Hollywood needs to leave things alone. Did they actually think this would be a good idea?
Alithyra Alithyra 8 years
No no no-no no. No. NEVER without Joss. What part of 'it's his universe' does Hollywood NOT understand? Even with Joss, I'm leary of a reboot/remake. A pre-Buffy Slayer would work, or something set deep in Season 8 that Buffy is not involved in.
SusanTeufel SusanTeufel 8 years
Just because Vamps are in, doesn't mean you have to ruin the good ones.
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
ugh...i wouldn't watch it unless it was related to the series somehow. SMG is Buffy. but IF this does happen, i predict twilight will probably kick its a**....unfortunate, but true. why can't someone start on the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles again? those books are much better than Twilight and i'm a Twilight fan! :(
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