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Pretty Little Liars Recap For "Cat's Cradle"

The OMG Moments From Pretty Little Liars: "Cat's Cradle"

On this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, A LOT happens — but then again, we should be used to that by now. This week, some parents finally come back to check in (just before A ensures they check out), Melissa shows up to stir the pot, and Toby spends another episode moping around about his mom. Also, Aria's new man is way too pretty, and we find out that of course Aria is that hipster girl who likes to watch black-and-white film noir. None of this is OK.

What's going on? Where's Mona? Why is the new detective dude 10 times nicer than Wilden but also 10 times scarier? Find out all the ins, the outs, and the OMG moments from this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump.

  • The parental mystery is solved. Maybe the writers of the show wanted us to notice the conspicuous absence of parents on the show this season. Aria's mom just up and decides move to Austria for a year — I was a little blindsided there. Emily's mom has come under investigation by Child Services — OK, sure. Hanna's mom is in some serious trouble with whatever she's hiding, and the Hastings parents are nowhere to be found. It all ties into a text A sends to Aria about eliminating "one mean mommy at a time." You guys. This is serious.
  • What's the deal with that creepy mask guy? So, this show is all about masks, literally and figuratively. Everyone's got something to hide and may not be who they say they are, and the girls are constantly plagued by masked assailants. Turns out Ali and Melissa both went to a guy who took molds of their faces and made masks out of them. Right, because that's not suspicious at all.
  • Melissa Hastings is back and wreaking havoc. Melissa shows up and says to Spencer that "it might be time for both of us to get out of this little town, if we know what's good for us." Then, she goes and talks to the police about Wilden's murder, then we find out she had gone with Ali to see that creepy mask guy. Then she asks Spencer who she would protect if it came down to Melissa or someone Spencer loves. Girl, I don't know what you're cookin' up, but I don't like it.
  • Mona is totally MIA. As Emily says, "Not knowing where she is makes me just as nervous as when she's all over us." Enough said.
  • The new policeman guy is SERIOUS. Like Wilden 2.0. This guy has a whole bulletin board diagram with pictures and yarn connecting everyone, and lots of questions written on it, and I'm getting worked up just thinking about it. The fate of Hanna's mom is looking pretty bleak. And let's face it, her storyline was already pretty bleak, because she always brings home takeout, and the last thing she says to Hanna in this episode is, "Don't lie. Just . . . don't say anything." Oh yeah, OK, no problem — sounds great, Mom.

OK, so, that's a lot to stomach. What did you think of this week's episode?

Source: ABC Family
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