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Pretty Little Liars Recap For "Gamma Zeta Die!"

Pretty Little Liars: The OMG Moments From "Gamma Zeta Die!"

This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars was a demonstration of serious coincidence. Like, almost too much coincidence. Hanna makes a very grave discovery and a very impulsive decision, the girls go off to visit a suspicious nearby college, and Mona continues to be absent for the third week in a row. I don't know, guys — I'm scared she's either dead or getting ready to do serious damage.

Yes, this episode feels like a valiant effort on the writers' part to cover a lot of ground, and while it's still packed with intense moments, there are parts that lead to head-scratching and skeptical looks from me at the screen. Find out exactly what happens this week when you read on.

  • Aria's mom is attacked by bees. Yes, you read that right. Aria gets a text about the first taste of A's venom, and then her mom gets swarmed by bees in her car. Well, that's one way to terrorize someone, I suppose.
  • Hanna wins line of the night. She tells her mom she doesn't want to tour any campuses over the weekend: "I don't like it when the tour guides walk backwards. It makes me nauseous. Especially if they're wearing pleated jeans." The horror.
  • Emily's dad really wants to prove they're not poor. Part of me thinks it's hard to be very poor when you live in Rosewood, and the other part is thinking, "Wait, didn't they introduce this subplot like two episodes ago?" Either way, bonus points to Emily's dad for shoving a wad of cash in her hand and insisting they have plenty of money, and then urging to Emily to buy a handbag.
  • Hanna finds a gun in her mom's closet. Yes, this is likely the same gun that went missing from her father's office. Hanna decides to best thing to do is to stick it in her bag and carry it into a college party. Hanna, WHY? Cut to Ashley Marin seeking lawyerly advice from Veronica Hastings and mentioning that she's got skeletons in her closet. Veronica checks in with a contact at Rosewood PD and tells Ashley to come to her office first thing in the morning. Yikes! Things are looking pretty grim, everyone.
  • We witness the weirdest set of circumstances ever. Spencer happens to recognize the number Tippy the parrot sang in a college booklet she received. Obviously, Spencer and Emily decide to "scout" the campus for the weekend to get some answers. They try to track the number's origin by selecting a random sorority house and attending their party. Fine. But when Spencer walks down the hallway, gets thrown into a wall by drunk girls, and discovers a hidden door? Seriously? And of course it's some creepy, dim panic room, and the phone it contains is the number they've been trying to find all along. Wow! What are the chances?!
  • Hanna's stupidity catches up with her. Hanna decides to find Spencer and Emily at that sorority party to get some help getting rid of the gun. She gets so impatient and antsy, though, that she just decides to bury it in the woods herself. Before she can even get the weapon in the ground, she's surrounded by police!

This is bad news, everyone. It's hard to tell what's more terrifying at this point: the progress of the police's murder investigation or A's decision to mercilessly tighten the grip on all the girls. Either way, we're in trouble.

Source: ABC Family
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