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Pretty Little Liars Recap of "Turn of the Shoe"

The OMG Moments From Pretty Little Liars: "Turn of the Shoe"

In this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, all the parents are either completely nuts or missing entirely, a couple new characters spring onto the scene, and one of our girls gets herself hooked on pain pills. Well, that all came out of left field, but at least we can take solace in the fact that the girls still manage to look pretty cute week to week.

So what goes down in Rosewood this week? Get ready to talk about all the OMG moments from the episode when you read on.

  • All the moms are insane. OK, it's a little understandable that Alison's mom has a screw or two loose. I mean, her daughter's dead. So, when she says she has enough voices in her head, we'll let it slide. But what about Hanna's mom? I'm pretty sure she killed Wilden, and I'm terrified. As for the rest of the moms, they've all just up and vanished for no reason. Cool.
  • Even birds are not safe from A. Alison's parrot comes on the scene and gives the girls some pivotal information just before getting bird-napped by A. Definitely strange, but I've seen weirder plot development.
  • Emily's short-lived pill addiction. Emily has what can be considered the most short-lived drug dependency I've ever seen in my life. Maybe she'll pick it up again once she's done being concussed? Joking aside, though, I literally gasped when she hits her head during the swim meet.
  • A tries to kill Mona?! Logically, this would drive Mona further away from the A-team, but the girls are still not totally willing to trust her. And rightfully so. I'm still suspiciously eyeing her myself.
  • Aria has boys falling for her left and right. Not that I'm going to complain about more man candy, but man does this guy Jake come out of nowhere. The best line of the night, though, comes from him when he says, "Maybe you're not comfortable with the whole teacher/student thing. Could be complicated." Uh, you think?
  • Spencer gets rejected by UPenn. "Dear Spencer, We regret to inform you that we don't let crazy people into our school. Sorry." At least the writers didn't drop the whole Spencer breakdown thing completely.

Did we miss anything? Either way, let's hope some of those pesky plot holes get filled next week. Oh, and you know, maybe some of the parents will check in.

Source: ABC Family
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