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Pretty Little Liars Recap for "Under the Gun"

Pretty Little Liars: The OMG Moments From "Under the Gun"

Well, it looks like everyone's getting into some pretty murky water on Pretty Little Liars. Hanna has to face the implications of carrying a concealed weapon, Emily tries to help the situation and her plan totally backfires, and Aria gets hit on . . . again. But at least Mona's back, right?

It's time to discuss the latest drama with our girls, the eerie town of Ravenswood, Shana's mysterious ability to be everywhere at once, and the fate of Ashley Marin. Check out our recap of this week's episode when you read on.

  • Mona's back! It's only been like three weeks since we last saw her. No big deal. Mona claims she was tracking down the missing RV and trying to get on A's trail. I mean, it's not like she has school or a family or anything like that.
  • Aria gets hit on by yet another guy. What's the deal? Does Aria have some crazy intense pheromones or something? Mike's friend Connor asks her for help, tries to kiss her, and then tells the school they hooked up. Not cool. Also, the whole school seems to be finding out about her relationship with Ezra, and all she can do is close her eyes and wait for it to be over. Also, I'm pretty sure that was Mike in the hoodie trashing Connor's car during the open mic night. Sigh.
  • Emily tries to help Hanna and gets sucked in. Emily thinks she's anonymously leaving evidence with the police that will lead them to Shana and Jenna. First of all, who thinks they can walk into a police station and drop evidence on a detective's desk unnoticed? Second of all, A of course manages to switch out the video disk for a different one, which shows a girl who looks remarkably like Emily, holding a sign that says "guilty." And when I say this girl looks "remarkably like Emily," I mean she's wearing Emily's face in the form of a mask from that creepy mask guy. Moral of the story: never let a mask guy make a mold of your face.
  • Spencer and Toby stumble upon Ravenswood. We don't know much about Ravenswood, except Spencer and Toby stop in to see a former house mother from that random sorority house, and she says she doesn't know anything. Also, everyone's acting like they're in a weird cult. As soon as creepy music starts playing throughout the town and everyone saunters over to the graveyard, I was pretty much done. Then Shana shows up, and I was more confused than ever. I'm not really sure where Ravenswood plays into all of this (aside from it being the setting of the Pretty Little Liars spinoff), because it felt kind of like it was plopped into the middle of the episode for no reason. Bonus weird points for when a raven flies into Spencer's windshield and breaks its neck. Uh, what?
  • Halloween store clerk Shana is seriously everywhere. First she pops in the school locker room, letting Emily know she's transferred to Rosewood High and she's on the swim team. Then she's just chilling out in Ravenswood for less than a minute before she gets into Jenna's car and speeds off to who knows where. Suddenly she's playing violin at the open mic night at the cafe Emily works at. What's she getting up to? Is she part of the A team?
  • Hanna's mom is screwed. After being a mess for the entire episode, Ashley Marin gets arrested for being in possession of the weapon that killed Wilden. I'm still not even sure if she's being framed or if she killed Wilden and she's completely unwilling to admit it. Either way, she's in trouble.

So now, Emily might be in legal danger for dropping off bizarre but somehow incriminating evidence, Hanna's facing seven years for her weapon concealment, and Hanna's mom might be taking the fall for Wilden's murder. In A's eyes, that's two girls down, two to go.

Source: ABC Family
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