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What's Going to Happen in the Pretty Little Liars Finale?

Mar 18 2014 - 3:05am

It's finally here! Tonight is the season four finale of Pretty Little Liars [1], and in case you missed last week's preview [2], it looks absolutely insane. Ali's finally spilling all the secrets from the night she disappeared, and the girls are all ears. But that's not all. The pictures from the PLL finale [3] reveal a whole slew of returning characters, including Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty), Ian Thomas (Ryan Merriman), and, of course, Spencer's sister, Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto). Are we finally going to find out how everyone fits into the mystery? Will "A" finally be unmasked? Keep scrolling as we pool all the evidence to figure it out.

Source: ABC Family [4]

Ali Tells Us the Whole Story

We've never quite been able to figure out what exactly happened the night Ali disappeared, and the layers keep piling on. Now we know Ezra's involved too, so it's high time we get answers. Most importantly, who tried to kill Ali?

Source: ABC Family [5]

The Truth About Ali's Attempted Murder

In the preview, Ali says, "She thought I was dead. I was trying to tell her I was alive." This is HUGE, because we know the gender of Ali's assailant! So, who was it? Top suspects at this point include CeCe, Spencer, Melissa, and Mrs. DiLaurentis herself.

Source: ABC Family [6]

Wait, Is Mrs. DiLaurentis "A"?

She might be, but she also might be on Ali's side. Check out this clip, where Ali doesn't seem too shocked about the girls' allegations. She doesn't seem very scared, either. Maybe Mrs. DiLaurentis is on Ali's side? Maybe she's being so crazy, because she's trying to figure out who "A" is too?

Melissa and Ian Come Back

We have to believe that every new scene will lend facts and clues to the bigger mystery. This scene between Ian and Melissa could provide motive, more facts, or even an eyewitness account.

We Get to Learn How Ezra Fits Into All This

"You're not going anywhere," Ezra says to Ali as he grabs her arm. The flash of yellow shirt suggests that this, too, was the night of Ali's disappearance. So maybe Ezra isn't "A" (or maybe Ezra's "A" [7] after all), but it looks like he played a big part in that night. Was he protecting Ali? Accosting her? It's hard to tell!

Noel Kahn Returns as Well

Based on the pictures, it looks like Noel Kahn shows up in the present. Could it be he's been helping Ali all this time? Does he have a few secrets of his own to share?

Source: ABC Family [8]

The Girls Have a Major Confrontation

We're bristling with anticipation now, because the last few shots of the preview have us freaking out. How did Hanna get a gun? How do the girls get "A" cornered on (what looks like) a rooftop? All we know is they're shouting, "Take off your mask!", "Now!", and "Take it off!"

Is This the Moment We've Been Waiting For?

Are we finally getting what we want? The broad shoulders of this person make us think it might be male. If a female tried to murder Ali, maybe "A" and Ali's murderer are two different people. Or maybe they're working together.

One thing's for sure: we're really hoping we find out who's under the mask, and we really hope it's not part of an elaborate ruse to mislead us. What do you think?

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