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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere Recap

The OMG Moments From the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere

The fourth season of Pretty Little Liars is finally here, and you know what that means: instead of getting the answers we're hoping for, we end up with more questions. The aftermath of the lodge fire reveals an unexpected casualty, Alison's mother returns suddenly to Rosewood, and the harsh reality of Ezra and Aria's breakup begins to sink in.

From A's latest casualty to Mona's unexpected shift of allegiance, find out which moments had us saying "OMG" after the jump.

  • Wilden is dead (and also a drag queen). So, we finally find out what's in the trunk, and it turns out it's just a stinky old dead pig. If that's not blatant symbolism for the big reveal that Wilden had been killed the night of the lodge fire, then I'm not sure what is. Also, the girls (Mona included) decide the best way to react to almost being burned alive is to have a sleepover and talk about all their feelings. Cue montage of Mona telling the other girls about pretty much everything she orchestrated to torment them in the first three seasons. Better late than never? Mona also reveals to them that Wilden was the Queen of Hearts who tried to drug and kill Aria on that train during Halloween.
  • Alison's Mom is back and she's weirder than ever. Emily's mom comes home in the middle of the day to take a break from her difficult police work, and to tell Emily that Jessica DiLaurentis is back in town. When Emily finds out she's moving back into her old house, she goes to say hello, and finds out that Ali's mom kept almost all of her daughter's belongings after her death. Spencer later catches Mrs. DiLaurentis staring at her from her bedroom window, right before she gets another threat from A.
  • Ezra gets arrested?! My heart pretty much stopped when Aria gets called to the vice principal's office and he whips out some scandalous photos that show Aria's romantic involvement with Mr. Fitz. The vice principal goes on to say he's having Ezra arrested, at which point I started saying, "No. NO. NO!" Aria runs downstairs to see Ezra in cuffs. Everyone starts to have a good cry (myself included) when Aria snaps out of her daydream, and it turns out the whole ordeal doesn't even happen. Totally fell for that one. This show really knows how to play games with my heart.

Side note: Remember when Spencer goes totally insane last season and ends up in the mental hospital? She's back to her old self in the season premiere, and everyone's pretending like it never happened. OK, cool, just wanted to make sure we're all on the same page.

  • Jenna's all over the place. Jenna shows up to Emily's house and asks her to apologize to Toby for her. Emily notices a burn on her arm, which she quickly covers up. Also, is Jenna going blind again or what? She can see just fine while she's talking to Emily, yet she requires her trusty sunglasses and a handsome nameless gentleman to guide her around at Wilden's funeral. Also, remember her rather romantic moment with Shana at the end of last season? Are we just forgetting about that one?
  • There's another mysteriously masked figure. The whole town shows up at Detective Wilden's funeral, but one person in particular stands out: the woman in the veil. Now, we've had our fair share of masked characters on the show; are the Black Swan, the Queen of Hearts, and the veiled woman all meant to be the same character? Either way, the final moments of the episode show her pulling off her veil to reveal a charred mask.
  • Honorable Mentions: Emily agrees to move with Paige to Stanford (which means A will probably target her for trying to take Emily away), Toby is ready to hand over the trailer lair (the trai-lair?) for information about his mother, and Hanna's mom might be in danger because she hasn't been around. Then again, we don't see either of Aria's parents or either of Spencer's parents around very much either, so that doesn't mean much.

So, where does this episode leave us? Looks like we'll have to wait until next week to find out, but don't hold your breath for any speedy resolutions.

Source: ABC Family
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