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Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Review

What Did You Think of the Pretty Little Liars Season Finale?

With a few jump scares, a couple of broken hearts, and some big shocks, Pretty Little Liars wrapped up its Spring season this week. It elicited lots of gasps from me, and in typical PLL fashion, the amount of solved mysteries equals that of newly opened ones. In a perfect circle, Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily begin and end this season with a chorus of cell phone pings from the mysterious and threatening A.

I want to know what you thought of the finale, but I also want to touch on a couple of the happenings from the episode. Read them (spoilers ahead) and then leave your comments after the jump.

  • So Ian did kill Alison! In a final faceoff with Spencer in the church, he admits to it. It's a little weird since he claims it was an accident and that she fell and hit her head, while Spencer contends that Ali had been suffocated (did Ian think he killed her when someone else did the job?). When he tries to ensure that Spencer gets the same fate as Ali, dangling her over a ledge of the bell tower (did anyone else think of Hitchcock's Vertigo in this scene?), a hooded figure shows up — A, I assumed — and tosses Ian off instead. We see Ian's presumably dead body hanging tangled in the rope, but when the cops show up, the body is gone. Is it because Ian isn't really dead, or did A move the body to keep the mystery going?
  • Ezra resigns from the high school to take a job at the college, and he and Aria are briefly psyched that they don't have to keep their relationship a secret (until they have sex and have to deal with those pesky statutory rape laws, anyway). But when Ezra's ex-fiancée shows up at a faculty mixer, Aria revisits her anger over the fact that Ezra never told her about the ex. It seems like things are over for now. I disliked the term "Ezria" anyway.
  • Since Mona fails to deliver Caleb's "I love you" note to her, Hanna is still deeply hurt by his duplicity. But her former friend Lucas comes to the rescue, and he finds Caleb to bring him to Hanna. Though the season ends before Caleb and Hanna are reunited, I'm hopeful about the situation for next season. This romance totally surprised me, on one hand for happening at all and on the other hand because I found myself rooting for them.
  • Jenna's motives are finally laid bare: she was being blackmailed by Alison because Ian had video of her forcing Toby to be with her (which is a situation so ridiculous I can barely discuss it). In a twist, we see that Jenna is secretly with local cop Garrett who's helping her cover her tracks (which is a little irksome, because it seems like Garrett was just introduced.
  • The episode, and season, ends with all the girls' cell phones going off. The mass text from A reads "It's not over until I say it is. Sleep tight while you still can, bitches." (A never tires of calling the girls bitches, apparently.)

Well, I guess it's not surprising that A's story isn't over yet. This show has (hopefully) many seasons to go before it is. Still, are you disappointed that we didn't find out who A is? Relieved that a couple of the puzzles have been solved?

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