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Preview Clip for House and Cuddy Hook-up Scene in Episode "Under My Skin"

TV Tonight: House

For the second year in a row, House seems to have really kicked it up a notch at the end of its season. Last year, the fantastic plotline was the death of Amber and the way it disrupted the bromance of House and Wilson. This year's killer story once again involves Amber — but now, she's back as some kind of apparition, haunting House and giving voice to some of his meanest and most devious thoughts.

It's in that environment that we get tonight's episode, "Under My Skin." It contains some pretty big developments for House personally and for his relationship with Cuddy. Lisa Edelstein recently chatted with reporters about the episode, and while the details are fairly spoilery, I'll be happy to spill and share some video of the episode when you


Word is this is the episode when House and Cuddy finally do the deed. Could it just be a hallucination brought on by House's pills (or lack thereof)? "There's a chance for anything, isn't there?" Edelstein said.

But while she wouldn't say what the latest twist in House and Cuddy's relationship might mean going forward, she was happy to talk about the scene itself. "I wouldn't complain," she said wryly. "We did probably about five takes — we didn't really do it for that long. . . . I have a great friendship with Hugh, and he's super sexy, so who could complain about kissing him?"

These moments with House and Cuddy aren't necessarily just a fleeting moment of passion — but nor does Edelstein expect that Cuddy and House will be the love story of the century: "I don't think it'll necessarily ever be a satisfying relationship in terms of both of them settling in and saying, 'This is what we're doing,' she said. 'She has a complicated relationship with men, it seems. She likes the screwed-up ones."

And if they do get together, it won't exactly rock the PPH world, she said. "I think that the rest of the staff is pretty much waiting fo them to get together. I dont' think it's a secret," she said. "It's not like he doesn't talk about it! He's constantly talking about her body. . . . It might as well be schoolyard banter with him chasing her and pulling her braids."

Curious to see how everything goes down tonight? Here's one clip to whet your appetite:

Photo courtesy of Fox

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