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Preview Clip of Mayim Bialik on TLC's What Not to Wear

TV Tonight: What Not to Wear Takes on Blossom

A lot of the women who end up on TLC's What Not to Wear are stuck wearing the style of a certain decade, and it becomes Stacy and Clinton's job to snap them out of it. I'm always curious how these women come to cling to styles of decades past, whether it's a steadfast commitment to acid-washed jeans or an unwillingness to give up the Doc Martens. But it's pretty clear how the makeover recipient on tonight's season premiere came to get stuck in her style rut, considering that, well, she once played Blossom.

That's right: Mayim Bialik is tonight's guest! In the episode, she claims she dresses the way she does because she's a busy mom with kids, which is a totally fair (and true) excuse. However, once Stacy and Clinton dig into her wardrobe, they discover she's still wearing clothes from her days playing the teenage style icon (or style tragedy, depending on your point of view, but my point of view is that I owned a Blossom-style hat with a big ol' flower on it).

I was a little skeptical when I previewed this episode. I didn't want Stacy and Clinton to turn Bialik into a cookie-cutter Hollywood type. Happily, they totally show her how to update her trademark look so that it fits her current lifestyle. She ends up looking cute and age-appropriate, and it's loads of nostalgic fun.

You can check out a fun clip in which Stacy and Clinton make her do the dance from the opening credits in exchange for keeping an item of clothing when you


Photo courtesy of TLC

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