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Preview Clip for Season Three Premiere of The Secret Life of the American Teenager

TV Tonight: The Secret Life of the American Teenager Returns

The Secret Life of the American Teenager is one of those shows I just can't quit. Sure, the show's made me roll my eyes plenty of times over its two seasons, and it still hasn't lived up to Greek in my personal ABC Family series power rankings, but it's also succeeded in sucking me in completely to the world of Amy, Ricky, Ben, and the rest.

And now, with the show's third season premiering tonight, I'm even more curious to tune in than usual. When it started, Secret Life was about a teenager trying to deal with the complications of an unexpected pregnancy and her tortuous decision about what to do next. Now, though, it's about a teen mother with a new infant to care for, a continuing battle between her son's father and her boyfriend, and a bunch of new issues with her own mom that should create some drama in the weeks to come. How will things be different for the show now that there's a baby around?

I can't think of many shows that have followed a teen pregnancy and then stuck around to show us what it's like after the baby's born. Is that a story you're interested in seeing — and will the show's relatively huge audience come back to watch it? Do you wish they'd kept Amy pregnant for a while longer? Or do you just tune in to check up on what Molly Ringwald's doing these days?

Secret Life airs tonight before the series premiere of Make It or Break It, and you can check out a preview clip if you


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