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Preview For Hawaii Five-0 Reboot

Fall TV Spotlight: Hawaii Five-0

It's hard to believe that we're already nearing the end of June, which means that Fall is slowly creeping up on us. OK, not really, but it's still fun to predict the future, and I've been helping you figure out which new shows you'll be DVRing in a few months. Today I'm bringing you some insight into CBS's reboot of Hawaii Five-0.

  • Who's in it: Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin (The Back-Up Plan) are joined by Lost's Daniel Dae Kim (Jin lives!) and Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park.
  • What it's about: A new team of cops fightin' crime in — wait for it — Hawaii.
  • Why it caught my attention: Reboots are always buzz-y, so I'll be watching to see if this one can live up to the hype. And there's also the fact that Alex O'Loughlin takes his shirt off in the preview. I might be in love.
  • Show most likely to: Have the best visual backdrop and gorgeous scenery.

Check out the preview after the jump.

Photo courtesy of CBS

Join The Conversation
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
hot boys. i'll watch it.
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
that first part was filmed at Kualoa Ranch, they filmed everything from Lost to Jurassic Park there! I've been there! I think this looks ok, not like hte best show but I'll probably check it out. I like everyone in it. And I love that one of the very first bad guys is one of the Boondock Saints!
zeze zeze 7 years
This looks really funny actually and the eye candy is everywhere! I might watch, but I hate watching a show that gets cancelled and I have a feeling this won't last.
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